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Katharina Schlattl from Fürstenstein:

A TUM student is the Bavarian "Milchkönigin" 2013/2014

A dignitary and a master’s student: Since April, Katharina Schlattl (24) is the Bavarian "Milchkönigin" ("Bavarian Dairy Queen") 2013/2014. She has almost finished her master's program in Agrimanagement at the WZW. TUMstudinews reporter Verena Pongratz met up with her to ask a few questions about her passion.

Milchkönigin Katharina Schlattl
A masters student at the TUM’s WZW: The current Bavarian "Milchkönigin" Katharina Schlattl. (Photo: Landesvereinigung der Bayerischen Milchwirtschaft (LVBM))

How did you come up with the idea to stand for elections as the Bavarian "Milchkönigin" in 2013?

The title, which is awarded every two years, is well known in the field of agriculture. Since I grew up on a dairy farm with 130 cows, I am familiar with everything that has to do with milk. I know where it comes from and how it is processed – so I thought this would be a good idea for me to express my enthusiasm and my passion for agriculture.

What are your duties as a representative for Bavaria as a milk production area?

I give milk a face. I have some responsibilities and I appear in public regularly, at trade fairs, festivities and conventions, for example – not only in Bavaria but also in Cologne, Berlin or Brussels. Mostly, I speak a few words of welcome, give a short presentation or hand over prizes. I talk to specialists and consumers a lot. On November 6, I will be holding a scientific lecture in Weihenstephan. The topic is "Where does milk come from and for what products is it used?" There will be a tasting for dairy and cheese products. I'm really looking forward to that.

How do you manage to balance these appointments and your course of studies?

When I decided to stand for election, I had already found a topic for my final thesis. It is about synergies between direct marketing and the regional gastronomy. I started working on the subject in summer and will be finished this winter semester. I would not have been able to act as a representative during the lecture period, because there are often 2-3 fixed dates during the week.

Did your course of studies help you to be chosen as the new Bavarian "Milchkönigin"?

I gathered some practical knowledge from my parents’ business, but I learned the theoretical background at TUM Weihenstephan – which has a very good reputation in the agricultural sector. The elections included a long panel discussion about agriculture and dairy farming, so I probably would not have done so well without the broad knowledge.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

I definitely want to be "outside", working on the practical side of agriculture – not in research. That's why I chose the master’s program of Agrimanagement. Currently, I’m also working in the field of direct marketing for the Bayerischer Bauernverband (Bavarian Farmers Association) in Munich. But my goals for the future are still open.

A large part of your life is about agriculture. What are you interested in apart from that?

I never wanted to do anything else and I want to stay in agriculture, so that’s no surprise. I get rid of the "work-stress" when I’m at home in the stables with the animals. Also, I really like working with people. I worked as a waitress at an inn for quite a while. I like to spend time out in nature, to go cycling or out for walks or to meet up with friends. Unfortunately, this tends to fall a bit short at the moment, because of all the appointments. However, being the “Milchkönigin” is not really work for me. It’s leisure – and a lot of fun too!

Katharina Schlattl (24) is from Fürstenstein in the district of Passau. She is in her fourth semester of a master’s course of Agrimanagement at the TUM’s WZW. In April 2013, she was elected as the Bavarian “Milchkönigin” for 2013/14. The representative position lasts for two years. Katharina Schlattl on facebook

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