• 12/5/2013

Nanowire lasers could work with silicon chips, optical fibers, even living cells

Laser light at useful wavelengths from semiconductor nanowires

Thread-like semiconductor structures called nanowires, so thin that they are effectively one-dimensional, show potential as lasers for applications in computing, communications, and sensing. Scientists at the Technische Universität München (TUM) have demonstrated laser action in semiconductor nanowires that emit light at technologically useful wavelengths and operate at room temperature. They now have documented this breakthrough in the journal Nature Communications and, in Nano Letters, have disclosed further results showing enhanced optical and electronic performance.

Nanowire laser researchers in the laboratory
(l-r) Doctoral candidates Benedikt Mayer and Daniel Rudolph; Dr. Gregor Koblmüller; Profs. Jonathan Finley and Gerhard Abstreiter. (Photo: A. Heddergott/TUM)


Technical University of Munich

Corporate Communications Center

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