• 4/14/2014

Public funds instead of tuition fees:

Improvement of study conditions and teaching

There are no more tuition fees in Bavaria since the winter semester of 2013/14 – but there are public funds to compensate the revenue drop for the universities. TUM will be granted about 20 million Euros per year. How should TUM use the money?

Faculty staff
Together with the students, the faculties discuss how the public funds can be used wisely. (Photo: Eckert/Heddergott)

The public funds are to be used for specific efforts to improve the study conditions concerning the criteria of teaching, student services and infrastructure – fixed-term tasks as well as long-term measures. The funds are granted on two levels, to be distinguished as follows:

  • Faculty-specific tasks

Here, the focus lies on the degree programs – the variety and quality as well as organizational aspects: courses, other measures alongside a course of studies, internationalization, infrastructure, e-learning and in some cases even new courses of study. A commission (in which the students are equally represented) decides what faculty-specific measures will be funded. The final decisions are made by the TUM Board of Management. 60 percent of the grants go to the faculties.

  • General tasks

This level focuses on overarching areas – concerning several or all faculties, one of the TUM sites or all of them, possibly related to priority projects in teaching or structural programs for the TUM as a whole. This area may also include construction or renovation projects, provided that they are especially suitable to improve the study conditions.

There is a five-year-plan for the general tasks. What specific measures will be taken is decided on by a structural commission, consisting of four student representatives, the Senior Vice President, the Speaker of the Deans, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Teaching as well as a representative of the academic staff. The Board of Management decides what projects will be funded. 40 percent of the grants are intended for general tasks.

Would you like to contribute your ideas?

The faculties decide on how the public grants will find a use. If you have any ideas to improve teaching and learning situation at your faculty, please contact your departmental student council.

More information:
Public grants (TUM Student Council Executive Committee)
Public grants (Functional Unit for Study and Teaching)

„Statutes of the TUM for the allocation of Public Funds for Improving Conditions of Study“
(in German, pdf, status as of Dezember 9, 2013)

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