• 04/14/2014

IT Idea Contest:

Tired of boring IT security notices?

Are you tired of boring IT security notices such as "Remember to change your password regularly!" or "Use an anti-virus software!"? Help us to improve – you can win a personalized T-shirt! Take part in the IT-security awareness contest.

Writing on wall "It`s so 1984" (Photo: photocase)
Antiquated security notices? Take part in the contest! (Photo: photocase)

We are looking for slogans or designs that appeal to you and your fellow students, that are funny and that might even cause IT-noobs to give a thought to IT security. If you have an idea that could catch your fellow students' attention as a T-shirt design, a flyer or some other marketing object, please send it in by May 31, 2014.

We will reward any idea we can use with a T-shirt that has your idea printed on it. You can choose the shirt colour and size yourself.

For more information concerning the competition and how to take part please visit www.it.tum.de/wettbewerb/

Technical University of Munich

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