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Phone-support by Johanna Laenge

How to apply for a course of studies correctly? Who can provide help concerning the TUMonline-account? Sometimes, studying does pose some difficulties – but, fortunately, the Student Service Centre (SSZ) has a telephone-hotline. Here, students provide quick and hassle-free advice for other students, without you having to wait or to try and find out who might be responsible. Johanna Laenge, who has been doing the job for several months now, describes her job.

Who calls you – and what are the problems and questions they want your advice about?

That varies a lot. Often, it’s parents who inquire on behalf of their children, asking for general information concerning a Bachelor’s course or about the different possibilities at TUM. Then, there are many applicants who call because of problems with the application process. Many international students don’t understand our system of certified documents. Furthermore, there are students who call about various other concerns – for example, if someone was exmatriculated and is not sure why.

Theoretically, is it possible to call about any kind of problem that occurs at the university?

Well, officially, we are the hotline of the Student Service Center. In some cases, we can of course also provide help with other issues, but we are not the general information office. Sometimes, people who call want to inquire about, let’s say, the opening times of certain buildings – but that’s something we don’t really know, because we are only responsible for applicants and their questions concerning the enrollment.

Did you learn something, and will the job be helpful for your future professional life?

What I've learned is to answer e-mails quickly and to figure out the core aspect of a really long text in an instant, the part with the actual questions. Now, I am also much more confident on the phone and can give precise answers. I really got to know the structure of the university, and I know where to find the answers. Some of my fellow students have already said things like "If I’d call there, you’d answer the phone – so why shouldn’t I just ask you in person?" (laughs)

What are your working hours?

I work twice a week, for four hours each day – but there are also other options to choose from. It’s possible to work more.

Would you recommend the job?

Definitely! It’s a great side job, also because it’s right next to the university and you don’t have to go anywhere else. The working hours are fixed, and you can take days off or swap shifts with your colleagues if necessary, so it's pretty relaxed.

(Interview: Verena Pongratz)

Johanna Laenge (23), who is from Hamburg, is in her second Master’s semester of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building. She has been working for the TUM’s SSZ since October 2014. The service hours of the hotline (089) 289-22245 are from 1 pm to 4 pm on Mondays and from 9 am to 12 o’clock, Tuesdays to Fridays. E-mail: studiumspam prevention@tum.de or studyspam prevention@tum.de.

The hotline is constantly seeking to recruit TUM bachelor students. If you like to help other people, are open-minded, communicative, flexible and would like to work in a young team, please apply to the SSZ!  To the SSZ-Hotline job offer

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