• 1/27/2016

Presentation of the study "Living, Working and Mobility"

The future of the metropolitan area Munich

Where is housing space needed the most? How do residents feel about the shopping facilities near their living and working spaces? And what can companies do to encourage their employees to stay put? In the study "Living, Working, Mobility", scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) looked into these questions for the metropolian area of Munich. Now they will present the results to the public for the first time.

Map of the metropolitan area Munich.
Map of the metropolitan area Munich. (Illustration: Thierstein, Wulfhorst et al. (2016) / TUM)

Affordable housing space is getting tight, the public transportation structur has reached its limits and companies are under considerable strain. These are the well known downsides of greater Munich. Researchers from the Chair of Urban Development and the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning at TUM worked on a study for one year to look into the dynamics and future options of Living, Working and Mobility in the metropolitan area of munich.

The study was supported by numerous regional partners and the Verein Europäische Metropolregion München (EMM) - the Society of the European Metropolitan Area Munich. TUM has been a member of EMM since 2015. The study is based on an online-survey with over 7000 people participating. The survey included people who have moved to or within greater Munich during the last three years, or people who changed their workplace during this time frame.

The main results of the study will be presented at an event organized by TUM and EMM. It will take place at the Bürgerhaus Unterföhring. The meeting will be open to the public.

Date: 4th of February 2016, 13.30 pm
Location: Bürgerhaus Unterföhring, Münchner Str. 65, 85774 Unterföhring

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