• 2/9/2016

Hans Böckler Foundation supports research program on mobility cultures

Collaborative doctorates

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences (NGU) are gearing up for the second phase of their mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group “Sustainable Mobility in the Metropolitan Region of Munich”. With the support of the Hans Böckler Foundation, this will enable eight doctoral candidates and one post-doc to play an active role in shaping mobility cultures of the future. TUM is thus extending the opportunities available to graduates from universities of applied sciences interested in collaborative doctorates.

Traffic in Munich
How can sustainable mobility be organized in the Munich region? Researchers of TUM and NGU will work together on this question. (Photo: Michael Fleischmann / fotolia.com)

Established in 2011, TUM’s mobil.LAB Doctoral Research Group offers an interdisciplinary and international framework for developing pioneering urban mobility concepts. The program is overseen by Prof. Gebhard Wulfhorst of TUM’s Professorship of Urban Structure and Transport Planning in collaboration with the NGU, which contributes valuable field and industry contacts. In the next phase, eight doctoral candidates and one post-doc will be exploring sustainable mobility concepts, multimodal mobility services, mobility behavior and autonomous driving. Shifts in mobility patterns, spatial development strategies and new information and communication technologies also feature on the research agenda, rounded out by issues of mobility policy. These topics are tackled in close collaboration with stakeholders in the metropolitan region of Munich and underpin development of sustainable mobility cultures.

Wide-ranging opportunities for applied science graduates

Through this collaboration, TUM is also expanding the collaborative doctorate offering for graduates from universities of applied sciences. It established the TUM Applied Technology Forum back in 2012 with the same aim. In 2015, this was followed by a collaborative research group for mobility and traffic together with Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences under the umbrella of Bavaria’s BayWISS science forum – a joint platform for Bavarian universities and applied science institutes.

Interested candidates can apply for fellowships immediately. The cut-off date is March 15 and the program commences this October. The Hans Böckler Foundation will award the grants in line with guidelines from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Applicants must possess above-average degree grades and be able to demonstrate socio-political or trade union involvement.The research group is coordinated by Prof. Sven Kesselring for the NGU (www.hfwu.de/sven-kesselring/) and by Prof. Gebhard Wulfhorst at TUM.

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