• 06/27/2017

Wireless surfing at TUM:

Check eduroam WLAN configuration

With smartphone and laptop wirelessly into the Internet - this is at the TUM quick and easy with the <link https://www.lrz.de/services/netz/wlan_en/eduroam_en/>eduroam WLAN</link>. The IT Servicecenter is now encouraging all members of TUM to check the installation of the eduroam WLAN service on their mobile devices.

The up to now customary manual setup of eduroam harbors serious security risks such as password theft.
Secure installation of eduroam on smartphones and tablets is possible only with a special configuration profile.

When in doubt, deinstall eduroam and reinstall it with the correct configuration profile from the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ):

If you have questions or difficulties with the installation, please contact TUM IT Support: it-supportspam prevention@tum.de.

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