• 06/27/2017

TUM Mentoring:

“Every meeting is an enrichment”

Who hasn’t wondered how life should go on after completing a course of study? There are experienced TUM alumni who are willing to act as mentors and try to find answers to questions like this. They support their mentees – as good listeners, as sparring partners, and as consultants. Luisa Frank was able to experience this as well.

Student Luisa Frank was able to benefit a lot from the TUM’s mentoring program. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)
Student Luisa Frank was able to benefit a lot from the TUM’s mentoring program. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

Luisa Frank (24) is in her fourth semester of “Master in Management for Natural Scientists”. She met her mentor Thorsten Spitznagel in spring 2016. They quickly decided that they would take on a mentoring year together. Now that the year is over, they are still in close contact.

We gave Luisa three keywords, based on which she shared her experiences with “TUM mentoring – from alumni for students”.

Our first meeting

“... was exciting. As we had never met before and since we didn’t have and much of an idea about each other, we had to start looking around. After a short while, we found each other – and we got on well immediately. We introduced ourselves and talked about goals and requirements for our mentoring year, and we immediately agreed that we wanted to become a tandem.”

Our topics

“... were diverse – from career planning to developing one’s personality and to finding a field of profession. We also discussed personal topics.”
The best moment of our mentoring year

“... hard to say. Every meeting is an enrichment, which I always look forward to. Once, we did a one-day workshop on “how to present myself”, which was very helpful and really rewarding.”

Interested in participating? If so, become a mentee! Taking part in the mentoring program will help you to enrich your studies and to strengthen your network. TUM Mentoring is open to Bachelor’s students from the 3rd semester onwards, and to all Master students as well as graduate students. It is possible to start at any time.

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