• 8/10/2017

New MOOcs on value chains and land management

Multimedia-based learning

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is launching two new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – one on land management and one on food value chains. While the former aims to show the importance of land as a finite ressource for very different aspects of society, the latter looks into how stakeholders in the food industry can harmonize the seemingly conflicting priorities of competition, sustainability and product quality.

[Translate to en:] Rapsanbau auf den Versuchsfeldern der TUM.
[Translate to en:] Rapsanbau auf den Versuchsfeldern der TUM. Wie sich Wettbewerb, Nachhaltigkeit und Produktqualität in der Lebensmittelproduktion vereinbaren lassen, verrät ein neuer MOOC. (Bild: Benz / TUM)

With TUM's free, multimedia-based MOOCs, anyone interested can learn more about a wide variety of topics. TUM launched its first MOOC in early 2014 and thus is one of the trailblazers in this field among German universities.

The Economics of Agro-Food Value Chains

This course is primarily aimed at economics and life science students at an advanced bachelor’s level or introductory master’s level. At the center of the course are agro-food value chains and the challenges stakehoolders have to meet: Companies need to constantly improve their competitiveness, produce high quality food, and aim to attain greater sustainability all at the same time. The MOOC is taught by a group of international experts who will give participants insights into sepcific  topics related to food quality and the organization of the value chains.

Language: English
The course starts on Monday, August 14, 2017.

Enrollment and further information

Introduction to Land Management

Even in digital societies land remains one of the most important ressources and a finite one at that. Accessible and fertile land, in particular, is becoming scarce. This causes conflict among different interest groups.  Developing countries in general, and disadvantaged people in society are often the most affected groups. Yet, even industrialized countries face issues with sustainable land policy. The course is an introduction into the basics of land management. It aims at helping participants recognize important land correlations with other fields of interest such as poverty, globalization, and climate change. No previous knowledge of land management is required. The course is a part of the „MOOCs for Masters“ program which helps prospective students to preoare for master's programs at TUM.

Language: English
The course starts on Friday, September 1, 2017.
Enrollment and further information:

More information on MOOCs:

MOOCs produced at TUM are way more than just recordings of lectures. Each one consist of a number of individual units employing various video elements, each lasting only a few minutes. Participants can also solve interactive assignments, access additional learning materials and interact with one another in online forums. At the end of the course they can complete a test in order to earn a certificate. They are hosted by the web services edX and Coursera with several Millions of registered users each.

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