• 11/21/2017

Advancement of mathematical tools for the insurance industry

Technical University of Munich cooperates with ERGO

Technical University of Munich (TUM) and ERGO are establishing a joint “Center of Excellence” in the context of a new collaboration. The project will focus on the exchange of knowledge between the Department of Mathematics and ERGO. This will benefit both partners equally.

Trading room of the Chair of Mathematical Finance at TUM. (Photo: Andreas Battenberg / TUM)
Trading room of the Chair of Mathematical Finance at TUM. (Photo: Andreas Battenberg / TUM)

In founding the “Center of Excellence”, ERGO and TU Munich are pursuing the goal of advancing mathematical models for the insurance industry. Over the next five years, research projects will be initiated, guest professors will be invited and seminars and workshops will be held.

Prof. Rudi Zagst, head of the Chair of Mathematical Finance, says: “Through this cooperation, we have successfully bridged the divide between research and practice. We are thrilled to have won ERGO, one of the largest insurance groups in Europe, as a partner. They will help us bring together science and business, and integrate them intelligently. We are very much looking forward to our future collaboration.”

ERGO will support the TU Munich in its endeavor to advance research in the actuarial domain. The main thrust of the cooperation will be the transfer of cutting-edge research knowledge, as well as to raise the awareness in students for concrete practical experience. A further aim is to recruit next-generation talents – actuaries, for example.

Dr. Ulf Mainzer, labor director at ERGO, emphasizes: “We intend to intensify our contacts with talents that we hope to foster in suitable positions within the company. TU Munich is among the most renowned universities in Germany. Currently, there are around 1,000 students enrolled in a mathematical degree program. This cooperation provides an excellent basis for attracting talented, junior employees to ERGO.”

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