• 4/25/2018

Book Market on occasion of the anniversary

Brains, pioneers and buildings

There are several publications on the occasion of the TUM’s 150th anniversary – focusing on dedicated and important personalities and the history of the university. They are available in the TUM Shop on Main Campus, in the TUM Shop online, and via online bookstores.

“Köpfe der TUM”: One of the books focusing on the 150th anniversary. (Image: TUM University Press)
“Köpfe der TUM”: One of the books focusing on the 150th anniversary. (Image: TUM University Press)

“Pioniere gestalten die Welt der Technik“

Pioneers who invented programming languages, developed baby milk, measured glaciers, reconstructed burnt faces, equipped satellites, conducted research on elementary particles, built skyscrapers, and much more… Behind the TUM’s story of success, there are people who studied, conducted research, or taught here – or still are. The author Brigitte Röthlein introduces them, showing how they were able to make such extraordinary achievements.

  • Brigitte Röthlein: Pioniere gestalten die Welt der Technik - 150 Jahre Forschung an der Technischen Universität München
  • Publisher: TUM.University Press
  • Hardcover, 520 pages, € 29
  • ISBN: 978-3-95884-003-4

“Köpfe der TUM”

Since its founding, TUM has been shaped by ingenious discoverers and inventors: 150 years of top-level science, thanks to personalities such as Hans Fischer and Ernst Otto Fischer (Nobel Prize in Chemistry), Rudolf Mößbauer (Nobel Prize in Physics), the architects Friedrich von Thiersch and Theodor Fischer, as well as the engineers Karl Max von Bauernfeind, Carl von Linde, Hans Piloty, Max Kneißl , Wilhelm Nußelt, and Ernst Schmidt – who turned their university into a university with a distinct profile, which is now recognized all over the world. Biographical portraits serve to introduce 54 outstanding scientists from all faculties.

  • Martin Pabst: Köpfe der TUM - Geniale Entdecker und Erfinder aus der Technischen Universität München
  • Publisher: TUM.University Press
  • Hardcover, 380 pages, € 25
  • ISBN: 978-3-95884-000-3

“Bauten + Kunst. Technische Universität München 1868–2018”

The publication contains essays by professors and scientific staff of TUM, offering a comprehensive and richly illustrated overview of the university’s history, with a focus on the buildings. It provides an overview of the structural development of the university’s sites, followed by detailed presentations of individual buildings for teaching and research – including reactor buildings, a brewery, and a clinic church. Many of the buildings were created by professors of the Munich Faculty of Architecture, and more than 200 works of art by renowned artists were integrated in the buildings.

  • Wolfgang A. Herrmann (Hrsg.), Irene Meissner (Bearbeitung): Bauten + Kunst. Technische Universität München 1868–2018
  • Publisher: TUM.University Press
  • Hardcover, folder with art-tours, 600 pages, € 69

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