• 01/21/2019

Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award

How do wine glasses sound?

Acoustical phenomena can easily be simulated and illustrated using the interactive apps of the TUM Chair of Vibroacoustics of Vehicles and Machines, which were incorporated into a new e-learning platform. Initiator Lennart Moheit has just won the first prize in the Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award.

The acoustics of wine glasses: one of the new apps on the website of the TUM Chair of Vibroacoustics of Vehicles and Machines. (Photo: Lennart Moheit)
The acoustics of wine glasses: one of the new apps on the website of the TUM Chair of Vibroacoustics of Vehicles and Machines. (Photo: Lennart Moheit)

The apps on the website of the Chair help to understand engineering problems in the field of acoustics – using the browser on a personal computer or a smartphone.

Around seven apps were developed during the project, focusing on sound propagation and absorption in a tube, diffraction and interference phenomena, bell acoustics, musical instruments, room acoustics, wind tunnel flow, and the acoustics of wine glasses.

The apps are not only designed for students, but also for school pupils, experts in the field of technical acoustics, and other interested parties. The e-learning platform is supposed to be constantly developed further, and the students are actively involved.

Exams in major events

The second place goes to Dr. Annette Spiekermann and Dr. Andreas Fleischmann from ProLehre / Media and Didactics for their project on competence-oriented exams the scope of major events. The program aims to improve the quality of written exams in three steps: by systematically coordinating the examination tasks with the learning objectives of the course, by optimizing the lecture concept with the help of a statistical evaluation of the examination results, and by implementing a multiplier system to keep the faculty informed about valuable insight and good practice examples.

Inclusive learning and Energy Challenge

The third place is shared by two projects:

  • "Inclusive Teaching and Learning" by Dr. Daniela Schwarz and Elke Langbein from the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences: In the scope of this project, students collaborated with persons with intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties – in order to develop teaching content and to put it to the test. Alongside the accompaniment and evaluation of the teaching, there were seminars for students and graduates, focusing on advanced training with regard to inclusion teaching.
  • Simulation game "TUM Energy Challenge" by Prof. Christoph Kaserer and Daniel Bias from the Chair of Financial Management and Capital Markets: Here, students are able to act as head of a power plant operator in the electricity market. The browser-based simulation game allows students to put their knowledge from the lectures to the test, to analyze developments in the electricity markets and business models of power plant operators, and to develop solutions in a changing business environment.

Awards for successful projects

The TUM-internal Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award focuses on successful projects that are supposed to improve teaching. Each year, up to three teachers or teaching teams of TUM are awarded for implementing a particularly innovative project for the improvement and further development of teaching.

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