• 8/23/2019
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Munich Student Union and TUM Research Network build for students

Sustainable residences on the Garching campus

Based on findings from a research network at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Munich Student Union is building three residential buildings for students at the Garching campus. The buildings will be constructed according to the principles of " Einfach Bauen" (build simply).

Model of the courtyard between the houses from solid wood and lightweight concrete. Florian Nagler Architekten
Model of the courtyard between the houses from solid wood and lightweight concrete.

"Einfach Bauen" is an interdisciplinary research network at TUM with research projects at three chairs of the TUM Department of Architecture. The scientists involved aim to provide a counter impulse to the ever-increasing complexity of modern buildings. Their strategies for simple and at the same time energy-efficient and resource-saving construction include the reduction of building technology, a monolithic construction method and reduced layers.

Houses based on the principles of build simply

These principles are now being implemented at Campus Garching. The three houses offer space for up to 195 living spaces. They are built in the same geometry and size, but from different materials: one made of lightweight concrete without steel, one made of the renewable building material solid wood and one made of highly insulating masonry. The result are robust buildings that are strongly geared to the needs of their occupants. As models for the principle of "simple construction", they are also used for further investigations and long-term measurements.

This groundbreaking project is supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). Alexander Bonde, Secretary General of the DBU, handed over the approval letter yesterday to Dr. Ursula Wurzer-Faßnacht, owner and Managing Director of the Studentenwerk München, for a grant of 520,000 euros.

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