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Dates, offers, suggestions

Attend a Cantonese trial lesson, take part in the campus run, learn more about intercultural communication: Current offers, dates and ideas for our students.


TUM Student News in February

Find out about all Bachelor's and Master's degree programs at TUM, get support with learning techniques and exam prep and stay updated on current scholarships: the February edition of TUM Student News provides a rundown of what’s important in March.

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Dates and deadlines in the 2024/25 academic year

On the page "Dates and deadlines" you will find all important information on semester scheduling and vacations, lecture period, important deadlines and dates as well as public holidays, lecture-free and non-working days. The presidential circular on the dates and holidays for the 2024/25 academic year is now available for download (pdf), and you can also download important dates directly into iCal. More info: Dates and Deadlines

Event overview on tum.de

Everything at a glance: The event overview on tum.de bundles events that are intended to appeal to a broad public. The feed is visible in various places: on the event overview and as a curated feed on the tum.de homepage and on other subpages.

TUM Open Campus – A taste of university

In March 2024, TUM campuses in Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan and Straubing will once again open their doors to all prospective students who want to find out more about bachelor studies at TUM. Numerous offers await you to support you in your choice of studies. During campus tours, trial lectures or advice at information booths and in conversation with students and lecturers, you can get to know studies and campus life. More info: TUM Open Campus

Read journals by Elsevier, Springer Nature & Co.

TUM students can access around 150,000 scientific journals online free of charge. Recently added are journals such as Elsevier, The Lancet, Cell Press, and Nature. Using the University Library’s eAccess login service allows you to get behind the paywall. More info: Read scientific articles online

Language courses during the semester break

In the period from February 26 to April 10, 2024, block courses in various languages will take place at the TUM Language Center. The program is available in TUMonline (please filter the courses by "Block Course" or "Intensive Course"). Registration is open. The end of registration varies depending on the start of the block course, for more details see TUMonline. More info: TUM Language Center Registration

Learn languages in the summer semester - and much more

In addition to 17 different languages, the TUM Language Center also offers writing assistance in German and English, workshops on intercultural communication, tandem programs, the Global Minds event series with tips on application processes abroad and the DIVERSITY film series in the HFF cinema. All dates for the summer semester 2024 will be available soon at the TUM Language Center. Registration for the language courses from March 1, 2024 in TUMonline.

Intercultural Communication

From March 1, 2024, you can register for a variety of seminars in Intercultural Communication via TUMonline: The EuroTeQ Engineer - Cultural Agility for Studying and Working in Multicultural Settings, Intercultural Training: 'Fit for Studying in Germany', Intercultural Training: 'Fit for Exchange' or Intercultural Training: 'How are things going elsewhere? - Compare and Share". More info: TUM Intercultural Communication

TUM Campus Run 2024: Register now

Motto "Running globally". The TUM Campus Run 2024 will take place on May 15 in Garching. Participants can take part in a total of 11 different categories. Two special categories are the most creative running outfit for individual runners and as a team. Can't take part on site? No problem, the virtual TUM Campus Run is also going into the next round. Registration from March 1, 2024. More info: TUM campus run 2024

AI meets foreign language teaching

From March 6 to 8, 2024, workshops on the topic "AI meets foreign language teaching" will take place at the TUM Language Center. ProLehre and the student initiative TUM.ai are also participating in the program. Everyone who is not (yet) involved in language teaching is also invited. Overview of the workshops: KI meets foreign language teaching. Please register by e-mail: sprachenzentrumspam prevention@tum.de. Participation is free of charge. Registration deadline: February 28, 2024.

International Women's Day at the TUM

Exchange, celebrate, inform - the motto of International Women's Day 2024 is also the motto of the events at TUM around March 8. All members of TUM are cordially invited to the startup events, founder lectures and campus walks, where women from TUM report on their careers and their respective places of work. Language is German, unless otherwise stated.. More info: International Women's Day 2024 at TUM

Cantonese trial lesson

In three hours on April 12, 2024, you will learn interesting facts about history and culture, learn the basics and master simple greetings. No previous knowledge necessary, just curiosity. The instructor not only shares her specialist knowledge, but also her passion for the subject. Registration begins on February 19 on TUMonline. More info: Cantonese trial lesson

Survey on healthy habits

The TUM: Junge Akademie's "Healthy habits" project needs your help: by filling out a short questionnaire that takes less than five minutes, you have the chance to win a yoga mat and support exciting research on habit formation at the same time. More info: Healthy habits To the Healthy habits survey.

Save the date: TUM Global Week 2024

If you want to go abroad for one or two semesters and/or get to know international life at TUM better, you should make a note of TUM Global Week 2024 from May 13 to 17. The kick-off event and one of the highlights will be the Global Experiences Festival in the Immathalle on the main campus. At this colorful fair by students for students, you can experience the special diversity of the TUM community - including culinary specialties and cultural performances from the different countries. More info: TUM Global Week 2024

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