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On stage: students creating a new civilization as part of the project week "Hitchhiking through the galaxy"
Reading time: 6 Min.

Project week with the TUM Center for Culture and Arts

A week at the theater

We joined students during a project week at the TUM Center for Culture and Arts as they gained behind-the-scenes insights at the Münchner Kammerspiele and staged their own science fiction play.

Teaching Studies Community
Students teach pupils how to handle money responsibly in the "Because we care" workshop
Reading time: 1 Min.

Students take financial literacy workshops to schools

Unique project on the conscious management of money

What does inflation mean? What kinds of saving and investment products are available? Students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed the workshop “Because We Care” to teach young pupils about money management. They visit schools on a voluntary basis to give age-appropriate and easily understandable presentations.

Studies Community
 The jubilant members of the "EduPin" team with the certificates for their first place in the Digital Future Challenge and a prototype of the pin
Reading time: 3 Min.

Two projects from TUM seminar on responsible AI top the list

Students from TUM and LMU win Digital Future Challenge

With “EduPin” and “AI Allies”, two projects from the TUM seminar “Responsible AI” have taken first and second place in the Digital Future Challenge. In the university competition organized by Initiative D21 and the Deloitte Foundation, the students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) prevailed against more than 50 teams from all over Germany. The Digital Future Challenge is endowed with 10,000 euros and is held under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Volker Wissing.

Community Artificial Intelligence Campus news Studies Teaching
Reading time: 3 Min.

NewIn: Anne Tryba

Entrepreneurship is more than start-ups

Many problems can be solved with an entrepreneurial mindset and approach. Prof. Anne Tryba is conducting research into how this ability can be taught. In this issue of NewIn, she discusses what this has to do with the concerns of many students and her own experiences.

Community Entrepreneurship Research Studies
Reading time: 5 Min.

Don't miss: Service for students

Dates, offers, suggestions

Attend a Cantonese trial lesson, take part in the campus run, learn more about intercultural communication: Current offers, dates and ideas for our students.

Community Campus news Studies
Master's student Nektarios Totikos in Boston

Portrait of Master's student Nektarios Totikos

"Education can work wonders"

Studying at TUM and writing his Master's thesis at MIT was not a given for Nektarios Totikos, who spent part of his childhood and youth in youth welfare facilities. What got him so far? Intelligence, hard work and a great deal of perseverance.

Community Artificial Intelligence Studies
Reading time: 1 Min.

Media tip: TV report on the work at the future location of TUM's young academy

New life for the Hans Albers Villa

The overgrown former estate of film star Hans Albers and his partner Hansi Burg on the shores of Lake Starnberg is currently being transformed into a new home for the Young Academy of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It is to become a place of encounter and remembrance.

Campus news Studies TUM in the media
Reading time: 2 Min.

Support for 1005 students

New record for Deutschlandstipendium scholarships at TUM

The success story of the Deutschlandstipendien at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) continues. With 1005 scholarships, the number has reached four figures for the first time in the winter semester of 2023/2024. The number of sponsors has also continued to rise: This year, there are 127. Since the start in 2011, almost 8000 students at TUM have received this financial support; this corresponds to a total funding volume of 28.8 million euros.

Community Studies President
TUM student Luisa Metten from the Somnoactive team.
Reading time: 4 Min.

Cooperation with KNUST in Ghana

Student team conducts research on sleep hygiene

Luisa Metten is actually studying aerospace at TUM. Alongside her studies, she is working intensively on another topic: sleep hygiene. With her "Somnoactive" project at TUM: Junge Akademie, she is researching how sleep deprivation can be combated and how sleep in general can be improved.

Campus news Research Studies
Reading time: 2 Min.

AStA chair Lukas Frias Santos provides an insight into the activities of the Student Representation

Working in the students’ interests

Whether it’s committee work, sustainability projects or the legendary festivals on campus – the commitment of TUM’s Student Representation is vital for the university. In student bodies, the TUM Student Council, the General Students’ Committee (AStA), and university boards, students work tirelessly for the interests of their fellows, and for a vibrant campus life. Lukas Frias Santos gives an insight into their work.

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