25 May 2024

Workshop for students

EU Simulation: ZERO WASTE

  • Saturday, 5/25/2024
  • 10:00

Event location

Target audience

Acting at the EU level can be a lot of fun. For one day, the participants will take on the roles of political actors (European Parliament, EU Commission, EU Council of Ministers, Economic and Social Committee). They will learn a lot about EU environmental policy and at the same time about the political foundations of the European Union and the European legislative process.

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How can plastic waste in the EU be significantly reduced? What measures make sense to effectively limit plastic production in the EU? What possibilities for action does the EU Green Deal offer? The English-language workshop is aimed at all TUM Bachelor's and Master's students, not just international students. You do not need to prepare anything before the event.

How to find us

Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP), Maria-Theresia-Strasse 21, 81675 Munich