Research projects

We draw on our networks to bring researchers together, whether in Germany, Europe or around the world. Our scientists lead many national and international research projects or are significantly involved in them.

Supernova in the Tarantual Nebula ESO/VISTA/J. Emerson

Clusters of Excellence

The interdisciplinary research projects are a central component of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the Länder. We are involved in four Clusters of Excellence.

Clusters of Excellence

Prof. Job Boekhoven (l.) writes structural reform on a whiteboard Andreas Heddergott

Innovation Networks

Our top researchers and young talented minds work closely together here on an interdisciplinary basis to open up new, creative research areas.

Innovation Networks

Mission Networks

From sustainable resource management and innovative manufacturing technologies to the mobility of the future: The Mission Networks are formed by experts from the unrivalled range of fields represented at TUM. Under a human-centered approach, they seek solutions to major technological and societal challenges facing the world today.

Cutting-edge European research

Within Europe, we work closely with our partners on pioneering research projects. Every year, our outstanding scientists are awarded prestigious ERC Grants from the European Research Council. We are also involved in five Knowledge and Innovation Communities, or KICs for short.

Strong in research within Germany

Our researchers coordinate numerous Collaborative Research Centers and other DFG projects.

German Centers for Health Research (DZG)

Combating widespread diseases and making research results available to patients more quickly - this is what the German Centers for Health Research, funded by the BMBF, are working on. Top researchers from universities, university hospitals and non-university research institutions are pooling their expertise across Germany. We are involved in seven centers:

Munich Research Consortia

The large pool of knowledge and expertise in the greater Munich area creates many opportunities for research consortia across institutional boundaries. Especially in the fields of quantum technology, bioengineering and AI, TUM contributes its excellence to research collaborations throughout Munich.

Munich Ecosystem

International network

In numerous places around the world, our researchers make key contributions in well-funded research consortia. As a university, we are thereby strengthening the cohesion and exchange between different nations on a scientific level. We maintain a worldwide network of strategic alliances and partnerships, through which all members can play an active role in shaping the internationalization of our university and carry out research, teaching activities and work together.

TUM Global

Discover Research Funding and Support

Would you like to collaborate with us? Do you need support in terms of research funding? All of the university's cooperation and funding opportunities in the field of research as well as the corresponding contact partners can also be found on the following pages: