Friedrich Schiedel Prize for Social Sciences and Technology

The Friedrich Schiedel Prize for Social Sciences and Technology is awarded by TUM and the Friedrich Schiedel Foundation to promote outstanding individuals who have contributed to a deeper understanding of the interactions between politics, society and technology.

Since 2018, the prize has been awarded jointly by TUM and the Munich School of Public Policy as the Friedrich Schiedel Prize for Politics and Technology to honor pioneering work at the interface between politics and technology. Past recipients include Helen Margetts (Oxford Internet Institute), Henry Farrell (John Hopkins University), Kathleen Thelen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Margaret Roberts (University of California).

In order to strengthen the social sciences and interdisciplinary work at TUM, the prize, whose funding was recently renewed by the foundation, will be awarded by the TUM School for Social Sciences and Techmology starting in 2023. The prize, endowed with 30,000 euros, is intended to recognize outstanding scholars and changemakers in the field of social sciences in the broader sense and to provide a stay of several weeks at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology.

The Friedrich Schiedel Foundation, founded by the entrepreneur and philanthropist Friedrich Schiedel (1913-2001), supports social institutions and projects and promotes science and research. Friedrich Schiedel was an honorary senator of the Technical University of Munich.

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