Honorary Citizens

The TUM confers the title of Honorary Citizen on persons who, by virtue of their voluntary activities, have made a long-term contribution to promoting civic-mindedness around the university community.

An opened certificate confirming Carmen Würth’s nomination to the status of Honorary Citizen of the TUM

The following persons have been granted this honor:

Reckoning with TUM’s history in the National Socialist era

Implementing the recommendations of the independent, expert commission (see press release from 15 March 2024), TUM distances itself from the following honorary citizenships awarded during the Nazi era (1933 - 1945):

Adolf Baeumker (1891-1976), awarded in 1941; Rudolf Bingel (1882-1945), awarded in 1943; Max Brücklmeier (1880-1941), awarded in 1939; Heinrich von Buol (1880-1945), awarded in 1943; Albert Gollwitzer (1876-1964), awarded in 1940; Johannes Hess (1877-1951), awarded in 1937; Fritz Hille (1891-1949), awarded in 1943; Hermann Homberger (n.e.-1949 ), awarded in 1941; Franz Langlotz (1876-1953), awarded in 1939; Friedrich Linde (1870-1965), awarded in 1940; Richard Linde (1876-1961), awarded in 1943; Leonhard Moll (1870-1945), awarded in 1940; Adam Pickel (1881-1956), awarded in 1942.


In brackets: Year in which the award was received

The information provided on each of the laureates was up to date at the time the award was received.


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