TUM Presidential Student Lunch – talk to the President

President Thomas F. Hofmann has introduced the TUM Presidential Student Lunch to promote the uncomplicated, direct exchange with students from all departments. The Technical University of Munich would be nothing without its curious and cosmopolitan students. They generate the pulse of the university. Making studies at TUM a unique learning and life experience requires an interactive and trusting relationship between teaching staff and students no less than a culture of appreciation and the open exchange of opinions and ideas with the younger generation.

Third and fourth TUM Presidential Student Lunch

on February 1, 2021 for students of the TUM School of Life Sciences and February 4, 2021 for students of the TUM School of Medicine as well as the Department of Sport and Health Sciences.

Please apply by January 20, 2021 with a short motivational letter containing topics and ideas you would like to discuss with the president: Registration form (only for students from the above departments). Please note that the focus should be on topics that are of interest to a larger group of students.

The events will take place via Zoom.

  • Number of participants: 10 students
  • Date and time: 1 February 2021 and 4 February 2021 from 12 to 2 pm
  • We will be speaking English during the events

We encourage all applicants who are not selected this time to apply again for one of the following lunches for their departments.

Other planned events

  • for the TUM Schools of Management, Governance and Education in summer semester 2021

"Only if we understand what drives our students, what motivates them and what they need, can we develop their talents to the fullest. Only if we value their creative input, their unique perspectives on the future and foster their active participation in shaping our teaching reform will TUM continue to shape the lives and professional careers of future generations worldwide as a leading international teaching institution.“President Thomas F. Hofmann