TUM Extended Board of Management

The TUM Extended Board of Management is based on the principle of the kind of extended executive boards found in industry. It therefore brings together people in leadership roles on the operative level of the university. Its main role is of a strategic nature and includes the coordination of the aims of TUM’s departments and schools and the preparation of structural plans and university statutes (e.g. doctoral degree requirements).

The TUM Extended Board of Management

  • draws up the university's development plan
  • puts forward proposals for appointments to the University Council 

takes decisions on

  • proposals concerning research focus areas and the creation of special research areas, graduate programs and the relevant scientific institutes
  • applications concerning the division of TUM into departments and schools
  • the main focus of the budget

gives its assent

  • to the President's decision regarding conferment of the “TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor” award

Chair: President of the Technical University of Munich

Members of this board

1. Members of TUM Board of Management

2. Deans of 11 TUM Schools and Departments

3. Chair, Deans of Studies

Prof. Dr.
Pascal O. Berberat

Tel. +49 89 4140 6268

The dean and the dean of studies form the administrative head of a department. The dean for academic affairs is responsible for all matters concerning study and teaching. All departments at a glance

4. Graduate Dean of the TUM Graduate School

as representative of the central scientific institutions

5. Rector of the TUM Campus Straubing

6. University Gender Equality Officer

7. The Board's Permanent Guest