The University Hospitals

Combining world-class research and training with premium medical care: The university hospitals are the mainstay of medicine at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Patients benefit from the fact that the latest medical research findings can be incorporated directly into treatment procedures and therapies.

TUM’s university hospital covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine. By forging close links between medical care and research, new scientific discoveries can be rapidly incorporated into patient care and therapies. Klinikum rechts der Isar

The German Heart Centre Munich specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and enjoys international renown. It offers all disciplines under one roof that are required to diagnose and treat patients with these diseases. German Heart Centre Munich

Research and teaching: TUM School of Medicine

The TUM School of Medicine maintains close ties with the university hospitals. It has over 70 chairs engaged in teaching and research. 

TUM favors an interdisciplinary approach to the study of medicine based on the all-embracing “mediTUM” curriculum. The academic department of Medicine also offers the “Medical Life Science and Technology” PhD program.
Studying medicine at TUM

TUM adds value to its medical research activities by incorporating insights from engineering studies (TUM) and from environmental health studies (Helmholtz Zentrum München). Medical Research at TUM