Entrepreneurship at TUM

From invention to innovation: As an entrepreneurial university, Technical University of Munich fosters a supportive environment for innovation with a market-oriented approach. With TUMentrepreneurship as a comprehensive plan of action, TUM and UnternehmerTUM GmbH inspire their members – from students to alumni – to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit.

TUM Venture Labs: Springboard for high-tech innovations

Our new entrepreneurial innovation hubs re-enforce tech-based business creation at the interfaces of engineering, natural, life and data sciences and medicine. Become part of the TUM Venture Lab initiative, to develop your business ideas, and start off with your business! TUM Venture Labs

We help you start your business. Scholars and students who want to bring new technologies to the market will receive expert advice and guidance at TUM for all the phases of their new business. Together with UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Business Creation and Innovation at TUM provides support to promising start-ups by offering its expertise.

The key objective of TUMentrepreneurship Education is to provide unique, integrated instruction that enables young entrepreneurs to identify the challenges of our time and develop solutions and business models for sustainable businesses.

TUM is creating many incentives for entrepreneurs, thus encouraging them to start a business based on scientific discoveries: TUMentrepreneurship mentors spin-offs in the four research fields of the future: information and communication technology, medical technology, clean tech and life sciences. They add value to society and are full of potential for economic growth.

These day’s it’s all about university spin-offs, and TUM is no exception. The university has been a pioneer in this area for 130 years now! From Carl Linde and Willy Messerschmitt to Stefan Vilsmeier and Manfred Stefener – their companies changed and are continuing to change the world with their innovative inventions.


According to the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany’s Gründungsradar 2013 rankings, TUM is the best place for new start-ups to go for support and funding.

No other university in Germany offers a start-up climate comparable to TUM’s. This is evidenced by the current Schmude ranking, “From Student to Entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneurs of Excellence: The university has been honoring successful entrepreneurs from the TUM family since 2011.

A tradition of entrepreneurship: Carl von Linde was the first TUM entrepreneur. His company, Gesellschaft für Linde's Eismaschinen AG, which was founded in 1877, laid the foundations for what is now a major international corporation, The Linde Group.