Founders: David Peter Hack ,Maximilian Schiff und Rebekka Mirlach
Founders: David Peter Hack ,Maximilian Schiff und Rebekka Mirlach

TUM Founder's Talk: neurotrim Systems

As of: December 2021

What problem do you solve with your product? 
Subjective findings and standard prescriptions make physiotherapy error-prone for individual patients. In Germany alone, re-injury to the ankle, knee, hip and back despite rehabilitation costs over 1 billion euros every year. We believe it is time for Therapy 4.0. With our N1. System - a high-tech hardware software solution - we want to prevent up to 25 percent of these costs and the suffering behind them in the future.

What is the technology behind the product? 
Our machine learning algorithm evaluates data from pressure, motion and in the future image sensors. With just a few exercises, a physiological image of the patient can be created, which detects lack of muscle control, as well as weak and incorrect postures, and directly provides exercises to correct them on the N1. System.

How did you come together as a team? 
Rebekka Mirlach and Maximilian Schiff met you during your TUM business studies. Through the entrepreneurship scholarship Manage&More, the two met David Hack. Since 2019, they have been working together on neurotrim Systems, which has since been funded by the EXIST GS and "Start?Zuschuss!" and is "Invest" grant-eligible.

What connection do your team members have to TUM? 
All three founders studied at TUM. Maximilian and Rebekka have degrees in TUM BWL. David is currently finishing his master's thesis on the Entrepreneurial MasterClass in Mechanical Engineering and Management, as well as Medical Engineering. Currently, we are also sitting in the TUM Incubator in Garching with a wonderful team of motivated people.

What makes your idea unique? 
The neurotrim method has been in development by Maximilian's father Michael Schiff since 2010. As a unique combination of coordination, balance and proprioception exercises - paired with own enhancements - it has been worked with over 500 patients and athletes so far. The results have blown away the ideas of conventional medicine and have shown immense possibilities. We make these successes with the N1. System accessible to millions of people. Injury rehabilitation is just the beginning, as work with the neurotrim method has also shown promise in geriatrics, neurodegenerative diseases and performance enhancement in sports.

What target group do you serve? 
We start in professional sports. The development of the methodology had started in competitive sports, and the medical approach then emerged in further development. We offer the N1. System to professional sports clubs for performance screening of their athletes, for performance enhancement and for injury prevention. With successful medical product certification, rehabilitation centers and clinics can also use our solution to help their patients.

What are the next steps? 
The product is almost in the starting blocks. We would like to launch at the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, we have to leave the TUM incubator in January and are currently looking for our next office. Currently, we are also looking for business angels who want to be part of something great and support our vision with know-how and capital.

Who in the team takes on which tasks? 
We have actually distributed the roles in the founding team in a classic way, as our "titles" also indicate. David, as CPO, develops the product and coordinates production and logistics. Maximilian, our CEO, takes care of our appearance and contact with the outside world, i.e. PR, marketing, sales and financing rounds. Rebekka, as COO, is responsible for HR and finance and has already been able to build us a great team covering important core positions like Head of Software Development, Medical Device Certification and Research.

What is most important to you as you continue to develop your startup?
We want to help people achieve extraordinary things in health and fitness. It's important to us that we don't build a company just to have been founders once. We want to create an impact and make our vision a reality. We want to achieve great things together as a team. So far, we are on a good path.