For Expert Professionals & Leaders

TUM delivers further education programs for leaders and expert professionals at every stage of their career. With our tailored programs and flexible formats we ensure that the needs of our participants in their personal and professional development are met in the best possible way. 

Ideal conditions for lifelong learning at TUM

Grounded in TUM’s ecosystem all further education programs reflect the university‘s entrepreneurial mindset and link the latest insights from research, technology development and management practice: 

  • TUM is a pioneer in the development of new technologies, leading in natural and social sciences and thus covers the entire range of disciplines in continuing education.
  • TUM has a strong worldwide network of research institutions, corporate partners and start-ups.
  • At TUM we develop and implement the latest digital teaching & learning methods and innovations for the academic continuing education.

We offer a variety of certificate programs in various disciplines. We convey the latest research findings in a practical and application-oriented manner. The programs are divided into several modules and end with a certificate exam. Upon successful completion, the participant receives a certificate from the Technical University of Munich or one of its partners. Certificate Programs



At the Technical University of Munich, we attach great importance not only to conveying the importance of digitization, but also to using modern methods and tools in our teaching. Together with the Center for Digital Leadership Development, TUM's expertise in the areas of leadership research and educational technologies is brought together in order to provide future-oriented Executive & Professional Education based on digital technologies. Together with the media center of TUM we develop MOOC courses, which can be completed with an official TUM certificate Digital Programs

When developing customized programs for companies & organizations, we focus on long-term partnerships. The programs for experts and executives are designed to fit the target groups precisely and to decisively advance transformation processes within their organizations. We spend a lot of time defining the needs of both the organization and the target group and incorporate different perspectives into the program development. Modern tools and methods are built into the various programs to ensure a unique learning experience and goal-oriented competence development.Customized Programs

Our three part-time Executive MBA programs are designed to fit the needs of your career path and to prepare you to excel in turbulent business periods. Whether you are an engineer and would like to gain more skills in leadership and management, you are founding your own company and need profound knowledge and support, or you work in the IT sector and would like to take the next step in your career, you can choose the Executive MBA program just right for your situation. Executive Master Programs

The goal of the center for digital leadership development is to bring together TUMs existing expertise in the fields of leadership research, digitalization, scientific training, media and didactics, thus enabling future-oriented leadership development based on digital technologies. In order to make managers fit for the challenges of the working world 4.0, continuing education must also break new ground: Both new training contents and new training formats are needed. Center for Digital Leadership Development


Educating the Innovation Managers of the future is the goal of the four-semester Master in Management & Innovation (M.Sc.). The program is aimed at young professionals who have had their initial professional experience and would like to bridge the gap between management and technology. As a graduate of this unique English-language program, you will have the exclusive ability to foster innovation within organizations. Professional Master Programs

Other courses and programs for individual subjects

The Weihenstephan Technology Workshops offer a variety of modules from courses on brewing to sensory analysis of the final product. Deepen your knowledge in several areas of brewing, grain and baking technologies with these modules.

See how the courses offered by the TUM School of Education, our department for teacher training and education research, can improve your skills in the classroom.

Further training for teachers
EuLe (evidence-based, university-grade advanced teacher training) was set up by the TUM School of Education to offer further training for teachers, teacher trainers and school management. The content and methodologies we use in our courses are based on the latest results from research in the field. TUM School of Education

Teach@TUM – teacher-training quality campaign
Teach@TUM provides teaching materials, online videos for preparing lessons and more – all based on the latest results from empirical research in education. Teach@TUM

You can benefit from our interdisciplinary research in the field of sport, health and wellbeing.

TUM Sport and Health for Life
Our offering focuses on teaching and research in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences and is aimed at anyone either working in the sports and health sciences – or keen to expand their knowledge in this field. TUM Sport and Health for Life

Non-academic training for sports instructors
On behalf of the Bavarian ministry for education, we provide state-certified training for both freelance and specialist sports instructors. Non-academic training at the Department of Sport and Health Sciences

Dementia care
Enhancing competences, cooperation and innovation in dementia care: The interdisciplinary programme aims at representatives of the health and social professions in order to promote the concept of "person-centred dementia care" and highlight its role in medical practice. Combining an online learning platform and interactive workshops, the programme presents the current state of dementia research in a structured way, creates a shared knowledge base and showcases entrepreneurial opportunities in the economic sector of dementia care.