• 12/16/2011

The LRZ in Garching:

Free antivirus software

The <link http://www.lrz.de/info/uni-info/>Leibniz Computer Center (LRZ)</link> belonging to the Bavarian Academy of Sciences is the central IT service provider for TUM and the other Munich-based universities and research &amp; educational organizations.

LRZ building
The LRZ in Garching supports communications within the Munich Science Network (MWN). (photo: Christoph Rehbach)

Among other services, it supports communications within the Munich Science Network (MWN), via WLAN or VPN, for example, as well as enabling Internet access. It also offers numerous services for students, which can be used either free of charge or at a very reasonable rate. In addition, there are a number of inexpensive IT manuals on sale.

The safety of all systems that are connected to the MWN is of particular concern to the LRZ.  The methods and tools employed by hackers nowadays are so sophisticated that no Internet provider or university computer center is able to provide adequate protection on its own. In his or her own interest, every user should therefore become active in order to protect himself/herself and others. The following services offered by the LRZ will lend a helping hand:

- The "Sophos" commercial antivirus software can be downloaded from the Anti-Virus page free of charge. This applies explicitly for all private computers, too!  Sophos is available for Windows, Mac OS X and all versions of UNIX (including Linux).

- The LRZ‘s Windows Server Update Service can also be used to automatically update Microsoft products.

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