• 5/3/2011

Highest Priority for TUM:

New Cafeteria Building in Garching

Centrally located, greater capacity: The construction of a new cafeteria on the Garching Campus is a top priority for TUM. It will be built between the existing cafeteria and the TUM Catalysis Center. The scheme amounts to just about €34 million.

Food offer cafeteria
What's on the tray today? The construction of a new cafeteria on the Garching Campus is a top priority for TUM. (Photo: Nikolas Fabian Kammerer)

Until the structure is complete, TUM is exploring every possibility to optimize the existing cafeteria with the help of the student unions. Safety measures for the existing building are being brought up to date.

New building more economical than an overall renovation

"A new building in Garching is much more economical than an overall renovation," explains TUM Chancellor Albert Berger. "The new building will be constructed within a few years; after the adoption of the state budget, we now expect the consent of the Treasury."

Meanwhile, TUM is rising to meet the challenges posed by the year 2011. With the double graduate cohort, significantly more students will flock to the Garching Campus – instead of the usual 10,000 students, the number is expected to be 12,500 for 2012. "In order to optimally provide for these students and staff, we are extending our capacities," says Berger.

Additional service counter

Thus, as of October 2011, an additional service counter was opened and extra seating provided in the foyer. The campus pub, CampusCneipe, now offers an additional 90 seats, already available between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. A few new snack bars on the research campus will supplement the food supply network.

On the issue of safety, the existing Garching cafeteria has now been rearmed. Five new emergency exits were installed in the dining area, clearly demarcated with orange boards. The high traffic areas of the foyer have been designed to meet the latest fire regulations.

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