• 06/10/2013

Help you organize your studies:

IT services for students

Everybody knows and uses TUMonline, the Campus Management System – but TUM also offers many other IT services to help you organize your studies.

Computer keyboard
TUM offers numerous IT services to help you organize your course of studies. (Photo: Uli Benz)

TUM’s central "NAS"

You can store up to 20 GB of personal files on the TUM’s central "NAS" (Network Storage). The NAS can be accessed from the Munich Scientific Network (Münchener Wissenschaftsnetz, MWN) by file path \\nas.ads.mwn.de, directly from all over the world by VPN or by WebDisk using a browser.

You will find your personal folder under the name "Home" or by your seven-digit “TUM-Kennung”. The other directories you can see on the NAS are reserved for the faculties and chairs. You will be able to access these if you become involved in the respective projects during your course of studies. Further information about the NAS...

@tum.de: personal e-mail addresses

TUMonline also allows you to configure a personal @tum.de e-mail address to use it with the TUM-Exchange system. In addition to various e-mail functions and access to the TUM’s central e-mail address directory, there is also a personal calendar that you can share with your fellow students individually.

The enhanced features can easily be used and configured with your email client (Outlook for Windows or Mac) or in your browser window.

Connecting an alternative mail client to Exchange

If you only need to use the "basic" e -mail functions on your PC, you can also connect any other mail client to Exchange – which is especially convenient for connecting smart phones (Android or iOS) to Exchange, so you will always be able to access to your email, calendar and contacts. More information about TUM-Exchange...

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