• 5/6/2014

CHE Ranking: Outstanding ratings in teaching and research

TUM is Germany’s number 1 in Business Administration and Information Systems

Business Administration and Information Systems at the TUM received the most top ratings of all universities in the new ranking by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). Most of the grades are awarded by the students themselves. They rated the study situation at the TUM as very good in both disciplines, despite rapidly increasing student numbers in recent years.

Students in a library
Students rated the study situation at TUM as very good. (Photo: Eckert / TUM)

The Centre for Higher Education Development, a German think tank, analyzed over 300 universities offering Bachelor degree courses as part of the most comprehensive ranking in the German-speaking world, which is primarily intended to offer guidance to those interested in embarking upon courses of study. It evaluates individual disciplines in three-year cycles. The CHE surveys both students and scientists and uses various teaching and research indicators depending upon the subject. The universities are consequently classified into three groups (top, middle and bottom) in the individual categories.

Business Administration at the TUM reached the top group in 18 of 23 categories in teaching and research. It is thereby positioned above all other universities, including those in Switzerland and Austria. Information Systems is in the top group in 14 of 19 categories and is also unrivalled with this score.

Very good conditions despite rapidly rising student numbers

The students surveyed in both disciplines awarded top scores in the key categories of “overall study situation”, “course program” and “studiability”. In the research area, Business Administration, for example, was top in “high-profile international publications per scientist” and Information Systems in “publications per year”.

Business Administration thereby confirmed its optimal study assessment rating by the CHE Ranking in 2011 despite a rapid increase in student numbers of 86%. Around 3,900 students are today enrolled in the TUM School of Management compared with 2,100 three years ago. Business Informatics was not evaluated last time. Both disciplines also placed well in other rankings in recent years, such as in 2012 in the newspaper “Handelsblatt” (Business Adminstration) and the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” (Information Systems).

TUM ranked 11th worldwide in terms of quality of graduates

In the recent rounds of the CHE Ranking, other disciplines at the TUM also achieved numerous places in the top groups. Architecture and Biology students, for example, were also very satisfied with their study situation.

The TUM as a whole is regularly among the best national performers in international rankings. It was classified as the best German university three times in a row in the prestigious “Shanghai Ranking”. TUM was ranked 11th in the “Global Employability Survey 2013” in which companies worldwide evaluate the quality of university graduates.

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