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“wegweiser” at StuStaCulum:

Gunther Glenk combines Technology Management and music

Watch out for "wegweiser" at the StuStaCulum-Festival in the Studentenstadt! The German rock/pop band plays in the main tent (“Festzelt”) on June 21, 2014, at 5 pm. Gunther Glenk, keyboarder of the band, is a master's student of TUM-BWL. The band, which has already supported Peter Maffay, recently released their second single. Here, Gunther Glenk talks about balancing creativity and efficiency optimization.

Gunther Glenk on keyboards
On keyboards: Gunther Glenk is a student of TUM-BWL and a member of the band "wegweiser" (Photo: Armin Bestelmeyer)

Congratulations for your band's new single. How did you get into music?

Thank you so much! To be honest, my mother took me along to her own piano lessons when I was still a baby. When I was five, I started taking piano lessons myself. At the age of six, I joined the "Dinkelsbühler Knabenkapelle". Like everyone else, I started off with the marching drum when the drum case was still bigger than I was. Later, I played the clarinet and the saxophone.

How come you decided to study Technology Management, after you were so involved in music?

My parents always reminded me of the fact that musicians tend to have little planning security. Also, I wanted to learn more than playing music. I became really enthusiastic about economics while writing my school project paper about the financial crisis of 2007-2009.

Do your fellow students know that you're a musician? What do they think of it?

Well, I don't have it written across my forehead, but I think most people know – especially as it's also on Facebook. I guess most of them think that it's interesting, but nowadays it would probably be more hip if I were a DJ. I can't spend many of the weekends in Munich, which is quite a pity sometimes.

Technology Management and music, efficiency optimization and creativity – how does that work out together?

(Laughs): I'm a chaotic slacker in a dashing business suit. No, seriously: I'm happy to have found a combination between more emotional and purely rational activities. Both are very important. The university teaches concepts for the optimization of performance indicators and the underlying processes, especially in Finance. These are important skills, no question, but people are often only considered as resources. However, value is actually only created by the people themselves, based on whether they need something and thus find it valuable.

In a band, there are other priorities.

In a band, you'll quickly learn that people are not like machines and that it is just as important to be familiar with human emotions. I don't think that theoretical lectures on creativity or innovation are particularly helpful – just try to be creative at the push of a button! By writing songs, I learned to capture ideas when I have them rather than trying to make something up out of thin air. Time and again, music taught me that life is about a lot more than profit maximization. That's a good balance.

Many try to finish their studies as quickly as possible. You don't seem to be overzealous to make for a spotless resume. Why is that?

Well, I finished my bachelor's degree within the standard period of study, completed two internships and learned Chinese. It is a matter of planning. But I must admit that, without the music, I probably would have done another internship or spent a semester abroad. Then, my CV would look more standard.

Why did you decide differently?

Firstly, I'm not trying to gather standard-milestones, but experiences and skills: rational-logical, social, and emotional. Secondly, I noticed that my CV can draw attention and spark interest, which can be useful for invitations to interviews. Thirdly – and most important to me – I ask myself what is most important in life. What is "living" about? I wouldn’t even dare to claim that I have a generally true and perfect answer. For myself, I decided to be happy and do what I am most passionate about.

wegweiser's brand new single is called "Was wir sind" (What we are), the one before was "Ich will raus" (I want out). How did the releases work out?

"Ich will raus" is the first song we entirely made on our own: composition, script, production and advertising. The online publication went very well and we received great feedback. Three weeks after the release, our number of "followers" had doubled, for which we had been collecting over a course of three long years beforehand. The video now has more than 18.000 views, which is a good amount for us. "Was wir sind" is supposed to build up on that. I hope the single will gain even more attention and be a good appetizer for the planned album.

What advice do you have for younger students?

Generally, I can recommend to stick to doing what you are passionate about. I don't regret a second that I invested in my band and I will continue playing with them. However at the same time, I wouldn’t forget about the studies if planning security is meant to evolve from it. For me, it also helps to be friends with especially diligent and ambitious students. On Mondays, I immediately see what I need to catch up with after a weekend on tour.

(Interview: Verena Meinecke)

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