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Semesterticket in Munich:

Florian Groß, the new Mobility-Consultant: "Everything's just fine!"

In Munich, the Semesterticket was introduced a year ago – initially planned for a period of two years. How has it been going so far? …and, above all, how will it be going on next year? Florian Groß, the new Mobility-Consultant of the TUM's Student Council: "There is no reason to change anything!"

Portrait Florian Groß
Florian Groß is a student of Vocational Education at TUM. He is a member of the Arbeitskreis Mobilität of the universities in Munich. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

Following lengthy negotiations, the Semesterticket was introduced in Munich a year ago. What is your interim conclusion?

Groß: To sum it up: Everything's just fine! We reached our target right at the beginning, a year ago: A ratio of 70% is what we had to achieve – and we managed! The City of Munich only had to step in with a fairly small sum for the following summer semester, due to the guarantee given to the MVG in case not enough students were to purchase the ticket.

So more than two-thirds of the students in Munich opted for the "IsarCard Semester"?

Exactly! All the students in Munich pay a solidarity contribution of 59 Euros to the Student Union. Additionally, you can voluntarily purchase the "IsarCard Semester" to be able to use the entire transport network 24/7. More than two-thirds of all the students decided to do so – and we are really pleased.

So the Semesterticket is really a success – a confirmation of the unequivocal vote last year.

The implementation went really will right from the start: Anyone who pays the fee to the TUM to renew the matriculation can have the MVV-logo printed on the student ID at a machine. This also applies for the basic ticket that allows you to use the network from 6 pm to 6 am during the week as well as on weekends / holidays. If you pay the extra fee at a counter or a ticket machine, your "IsarCard Semester" allows you to use the entire network without any restrictions.

The "IsarCard Semester" covers quite a large area.

The network covers not only the city, but also Munich's surrounding region. In the north, for example, you can travel to Moosburg; …to Erding, Markt Schwaben in the east and to Grafing, Waldkirchen or Geltendorf in the south. Among other things, you can also use the ticket to get to the airport for your holidays or to visit Lake Starnberg on hot summer days.

Is it sufficient to be able to show the IsarCard Semester?

You need to be able to show your student ID, overprinted with the basic logo plus a photo ID. In addition, you need the "IsarCard Semester" for the period from 6 am to 6 pm.

Why was the voluntary charge for the winter semester 2014/15 increased to 146,50 Euros?

So far, the Semesterticket is linked to the Ausbildungstarif II, the ticket's predecessor, so to say. The price increased, so the Semesterticket had to be adjusted too. A normal development.

Initially, the Semesterticket was introduced for a period of two years. Currently, there are negotiations about how it will be continued. What are the demands of the students?

We, the representatives of TUM, the LMU and the Hochschule München, are meeting up with the Student Union, the MVG, the MVV, the City of Munich and many others. We want the concept to be continued after the two years, as good as before or even better. The students are hoping that the supportive policy will last. Munich's students really played their part as the "customers" of the Semesterticket. It was very well received and has already become the norm. From our point of view, there is no reason to change anything about it.

Florian Groß (25) was born in Regensburg. He is a student of Vocational Education in his seventh semester, focusing on Nutrition and Home Economics. Being the TUM's Mobility-Consultant, he belongs to the Mobility Working Group of Munich's universities. As his courses and lectures take place at just about all of the TUM sites, he is – above all – mobile in Munich. Contact: infospam prevention@semesterticket-muenchen.deinfospam prevention@semesterticket-muenchen.de
(Interview: Verena Meinecke)

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