• 4/26/2015

tu film: 60 years

Ben-Hur meets the Pink Panther

tu film turns 60. Let’s celebrate! Once a week, since 1955, a group of students turns one of the TUM's lecture halls into a cinema, showing blockbusters, art house films and classic movies. In celebration of the anniversary week in early May, there will even be one film every day. Benedikt Plank, Head of the film club, talks about the plans.<br /><br />

The movie enthusiast: Benedikt Plank is looking forward to the anniversary week on occasion of tu film's 60th birthday. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)
The movie enthusiast: Benedikt Plank is looking forward to the anniversary week on occasion of tu film's 60th birthday. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

Our film club, tu film, turns 60. What are your plans?
There’s an anniversary week, May 4 to 9. We’ll take our audience on a trip back in time and show a film masterpiece from every decade of our history: “Die Unfassbaren” (Now You See Me), Der Schuh des Manitu, Dead Poets Society, Das Boot, Der Clou (The Sting), The Pink Panther and Ben Hur.
How did tu film start off in 1955?
A group of film-enthusiastic students laid the foundations of tu film. The project was a part of the student council and entirely dependent on the TU’s auditorium technology. Back then, the admission fee was 50 Pfennigs.
How are you organized today?
Today, we are an independent organization – and there were constant technical innovations. It’s a pity that many films aren’t available on the good old film reels any more. But thanks to our digital projector, we are well prepared for the future. We’ll be able to show the best movies in highest quality.

You joined tu film right at the beginning of your studies. What is it that you love about movies?
Movies are a possibility to leave reality behind and just zone out. Or you can add a dimension to real life and let your imagination play – films offer unlimited possibilities.
During the anniversary week, you’ll be showing a movie every day. Is it possible to watch all seven?
Of course. You can buy tickets for the individual viewings in advance or at the entrance, as usual. tu film also offers an exclusive combination ticket including all seven films and three cinema-vouchers – but there are only 60 of these special tickets!

Will there be open-air cinema again this year?

This summer, we will take part in the GARNIX-Festival in Garching again. The open-air event will take place in late June, and we’ll be showing Monsieur Claude und seine Töchter, Magic in the Moonlight and John Wick.

Benedikt Plank (19) is Head of "der tu film – Filmclub an der Technischen Universität  München e.V.". He is in his fourth semester of Mathematics. For him, tu film is primarily about companionship, about togetherness within the club that organizes the actual events as well as among the audience in the lecture hall. All the films are shown in lecture hall 1200 (Carl-von-Linde-Hörsaal) every Tuesday at 8 pm.
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