• 6/22/2015

New sports facilities at campus Garching:

Climbing the “Atomic Egg”

Beach volleyball, basketball and bouldering – the new features of the sports facility at campus Garching: Next to the interim-auditoriums, there is now a large area with showers and changing rooms … and a climbing-tower that looks like Garching’s “Atomic Egg”.

Harmless: Climbing  the "Atomic Egg" at the TUM's new sporting grounds in Garching. (Photo: Michael Höhne)
Harmless: Climbing the "Atomic Egg" at the TUM's new sporting grounds in Garching. (Photo: Michael Höhne)

As of now, all students and staff of TUM can use the new sports facilities at campus Garching. The facilities – including the showers and changing rooms – are to be found on the lawn to the west behind the interim-auditoriums (Boltzmannstr. 5, 85748 Garching).

The sports facility’s new features are:

  • two beach volleyball courts
  • one basketball court
  • table tennis
  • the “Boulder Egg” in the form of the research reactor
  • showers and changing container with lockers

There are park benches that invite you to relax, to read or to just watch – and there are also bikes available.

Matches even in the exam periods

The new basketball court has an EPDM coating to ensure especially good sound absorption. With the special coating, it will be possible to schedule matches even in the exam periods. The egg-shaped climbing tower is three meters high and has a diameter of three meters.

At the same time, a football ground was built on the lawn between the “Wiesenäckerbach” and the provisional car park.

About using the showers with the Student Card

Students and staff can use the showers and changing container with their student card or their staff ID. In addition to the showers and toilets, there are also lockers for valuables.

The construction costs for the facility amounted to a total of 600,000 Euros.

More sports facilities

Of course, the campus of the University Sports Center (ZHS) at the Olympiapark (Connollystr. 32, 80809 München) and the facilities of the ZHS in Freising, Landshut, Starnberg and Obermenzing are also open to students of all universities.

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