• 4/26/2016

Applications for winter semester 2016/2017 now being accepted

New degree programs at TUM

Anyone who would like to begin studies this fall at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) can apply for admission now. TUM will offer four new master's degree programs in winter semester 2016/17, three of which will be taught exclusively in English. And the Hochschule für Politik München (HfP) – Bavarian School of Public Policy will offer the first bachelor's degree program in Political Science under the sponsorship of TUM.

Students in front of the main entrance of the Technical University of Munich.
This year, TUM offers four new master's degree programs. (Foto: Andreas Heddergott / TUM)


Master's degree program incorporates vocational education

TUM is the first university in Germany to offer a teaching degree program that incorporates both a master's degree program and the teacher training phase ("Referendariat"). This pilot project of the School of Education is oriented toward people considering a career change who would like to teach in a vocational school and already have a bachelor's degree in a suitable technical field. Instead of the usual four years for the master's degree program and teacher training phase, these students enroll in the integrated degree program for three years. The first semester already includes supervised internships, while the teacher training phase, also known as preparatory service or "Referendariat," begins in the third semester. The degree program is offered for the subjects Electrical and Computer Engineering and Metal Engineering.

Integrative degree program on big data

In recent years there has been an explosion of the capability of acquiring data on a vast scope of the human experience, for example in the contexts of social networks, networked vehicles and large-scale medical studies. The Schools of Informatics and Mathematics at TUM are offering one of the first integrative degree programs in Big Data in Germany. Students in the degree programs Data Engineering and Analytics and Mathematics in Data Science will jointly learn the fundamentals of the subject and will then focus on key questions in their respective areas of specialization.

The focus of the Informatics degree program is providing data in such a way that it can be efficiently processed and analyzed with various methods and for various purposes. The partner degree program in Mathematics concentrates on mathematical and statistical models, methods, and algorithms for data representation and interpretation. In the context of this integrative degree program, students are encouraged to acquire interdisciplinary competences such as language skills, basic legal knowledge, and to take advantage of the TUM's course offerings on the social and political implications of Big Data.


Master's Degree Program in Management

The degree program in Management at the School of Management replaces two older degree programs. Like its predecessors, the new course offering prepares students of physical and engineering sciences for positions at the interface between management and technology. A new aspect, however, is an even stronger international orientation: All courses will be taught in English, a minimum amount of experience abroad will be required of all students, and study semesters abroad will be facilitated by a mobility window in the curriculum. The study plan also allows for even more choices from the School of Management's areas of expertise.


Elite Master's Degree Program in Neuroengineering

In addition to the regular new degree programs in winter semester 2016/17 there will also be a new elite Master's degree program. Students of Neuroengineering learn to transfer advances from neuroscience to technical applications. Examples of such applications could be prostheses which are controlled via signals sent by the wearer's brain or technical devices whose functionality is conceived according to principles of the human brain. Elite master's degree programs are a project of the Elite Network of Bavaria, specifically intended to qualify exceptionally gifted students for leading-edge research and for leadership positions in the career world. In addition to specialized content, soft skills training is offered in areas such as research communication and employee management. Another focus area is the practical application of material learned: All mandatory courses are supplemented by intensive practical exercises.


Hochschule für Politik München (HfP) - Bavarian School of Public Policy: Bachelor's Degree Program in Political Science

The Bavarian Parliament transferred sponsorship of the Bavarian School of Public Policy to the TUM in 2014, bringing a new thematic orientation to the School. Education and research at the HfP center on the mutual interactions between technical progress, social change and political behavior. The new Bachelor's degree program gives students more than an insight into the classic sub-disciplines of political science: Unique in political science education, the new course offering will also integrate topics of great socio-political relevance from the subject portfolio of TUM, i.e. from technology and natural sciences as well as from life sciences and medicine. The degree program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis and is thus especially well-suited for studies parallel to career activities.

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