• 7/1/2016

July 4: Follow the Hyperloop roll-out via LiveStream

WARR team to unveil Hyperloop Pod

Almost faster than sound: the super-fast train of the future, also known as the Hyperloop. Teams from around the world presented their concepts in the "Hyperloop Pod Competition", conducted by the SpaceX company. The TUM student group WARR is one of the 30 teams that will be allowed to build its prototype to compete against the other teams on a test track in the USA. After months of hard work the WARR team will now unveil its pod on July 4. Those interested can watch the event in real-time via LiveStream.

The TUM student group WARR is building a prototyp.
The WARR team will unveil its pod on July 4. (Photo: Andreas Heddergott / TUM)

Technical University of Munich

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