• 10/18/2016

Open House Day on the Garching research campus

Journey of discovery into the world of science

The Garching research campus invites the public to its “Open House Day” on October 22nd, 2016. From 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. around 30 research facilities of the campus will open their doors to the public, inviting visitors on a journey of discovery into the world of science, with experiments, tours and lectures.

Exploring nanotechnology - Photo: Andreas Heddergott / TUM
Exploring nanotechnology - Photo: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

With their multifaceted work, campus researchers are forming the knowledge base for our future. Open House Day provides visitors with an opportunity to get a glimpse of this future. There will be many exciting things to discover across all subject domains, from the smallest particles in the particle physics laboratory to the depths of the universe opened up by the European Southern Observatory.

On this day, doors that normally remained closed to the public will open. Inspect the world’s most versatile neutron source and the particle accelerator of the Maier-Leibnitz Laboratory, or explore the internal workings of the SuperMUC super computer.

The scientists on campus will demonstrate how deeply mathematics is incorporated into our everyday lives and what the mobility and energy supply systems of the future will look like. And those looking for a physical challenge between all the “brain jogging” activities can take a plunge down the parallel curves slide. There will also be plenty of activities for children.

New this year are the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute, the TUM Catalysis Research Center (CRC), the Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy (EUROfusion) and the geothermal power station of Energie-Wende-Garching (GWG). Following reconstruction, the particle accelerator of the Maier-Leibniz Laboratory and the Bavarian Center for Applied Fusion Research will once again be part of Open House Day.

The Student Services Center (SSZ) will be on hand to inform prospective students on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at TU Munich, orientation services, programs of study, admissions prerequisites and application modalities. The Professional Training Center of TU Munich (AuTUM) and the Metalworking Association of Munich, Freising and Erding will elucidate education possibilities in non-academic professions.

Culinary delights will be on offer at StuCafe in the Munich student services cafeteria, “Crazy bean” in the Institute for Advanced Study, the snack bars in front of IMETUM, in the departmental cafeterias, ESO and C2, the “Campus-Cneipe” bar and “Herr Lichtenberg” in the Entrepreneurship Center.

Visitors 18 years and older my tour the research neutron source. Registration with a valid ID at the information stand in the physics building is required. Early registration is recommended as there is only a limited capacity for tours.

Finally, starting at 6 p.m. the campus will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the underground station with a subway festival in Courtyard 1 of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. After opening words by representatives of TU Munich, the city of Garching and the Munich Transport Authority, the TUM jazz band will perform, followed by music with DJ FreshHerman.

How to get there: From Munich you can reach the research campus on the underground line U6 (final station: Garching Forschungszentrum). By car, you can reach the research campus via the A9 Motorway, exit Garching-Nord. Parking is available between highway B11 and the research campus.

The full program will likely be available as of Tuesday, 18th October on the website. The program is available only in German, but most scientists at the experiments can provide elucidations in English, as well. Events in English are indicated in the program booklet.

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