• 05/22/2017

Eight interdisciplinary courses with a focus on sustainability and society

TUM launches new degree programs

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) will offer eight new courses of study in the upcoming winter semester. The programs unite several subjects in the study of sustainable technologies and the relationship of technology and natural sciences to society. Among them is the new Master's degree program at the Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP), of which TUM has become the host university two years ago. Online applications are now being accepted.

Scientist in a biotechnoloy laboratory
Biotechnoloy is one of the future-oriented fields in which TUM offers a new degree program. (Image: T. Naeser / TUM)

Bachelor's degree programs:

Chemical Biotechnology

Chemical Biotechnology, also referred to as Industrial Biotechnology, is one of the key technologies in making processes in the chemical industry more cost-efficient and more ecologically sound. For example, methods for using renewable resources are developed. Crucial here is the interaction between molecular biology, chemistry and process technology, as reflected by the content of the curriculum. Demand in the chemical industry for engineers who can work on an interdisciplinary basis is constantly rising.

Application deadline: July 15

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Management & Technology with specialization in Renewable Resources

All students in the Management & Technology program supplement their business economics focus by studying an additional technical or scientific subject, with the emphasis at a ratio of 70 to 30 percent. Students are thus optimally educated for the task of working together with engineers to drive technological innovations within the company. Starting in the winter semester another subject will be available to students: Renewable Resources. Graduates will enter a growing industry sector that works with material and energy sources that are friendly to both the environment and to climate.

Courses are taught partly in English. Application deadline: July 15

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Master's degree programs:

Biomass Technology

Biomass plays an important role in sustainable economies. Students learn chemical-material technologies as well as material science and energy technologies involved in preparing and exploiting biomass. Furthermore, economic and ecological aspects are also addressed. In the joint curriculum offered by TUM and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, students attend courses from both universities.

Application deadline: July 15

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GeoThermics / GeoEnergy

Southern Bavaria offers especially favorable geological conditions for the use of geothermal energy. The objective of the GeoThermics / GeoEnergy program is to provide students with research-related education in preparation for the growing market in the field of geoenergies. It teaches comprehensive expertise ranging from locating geothermal energy sources to exploration methods all the way to use in energy technologies. The knowledge involved can also be applied in many other topic areas dealing with deeper subterranean geology. The joint degree program is offered by TUM and FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg as a part of the Geothermal Alliance Bavaria.

Application deadline: July 15

Materials Science and Engineering

Whether in polymer chemistry, energy technologies, medical technologies or in aerospace and aviation: The development and characterization of new materials makes more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer designs possible. This is the reason behind the rising demand for engineers with interdisciplinary materials expertise. The new degree program, based on natural science and engineering sciences, is strongly oriented towards a subsequent career in research. It focuses on model construction and modeling of materials. Students learn to describe modern materials, to develop corresponding stochastic mathematical models and to use measurement technology methods.

Courses are taught primarily in English. Application deadline: July 15

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Politics & Technology

Technological questions place a significant and often even decisive role in almost all areas of politics. The energy revolution, the impact of big data analyses and new types of political participation made possible by digital media are only a few examples. With its new and unique orientation, the Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP) at TUM offers the opportunity to study the interaction between politics and technology, with students also completing modules in technical subjects. Now the HfP Bachelor's degree program is followed by a new Master's degree program.

The courses are taught in English. The curriculum is also available on a part-time basis. Application deadline: June 15

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Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology

Responsibility is at the center of current political, business and scientific debates. The interdisciplinary degree program poses questions such as: How can the social, ethical and environmental impacts of scientific and technical change be controlled? What forms of knowledge generation make responsibility possible? How can expert knowledge and technological development be democratized? The course is intended for students of all subjects who are interested in both the societal and technical aspects of these questions. The curriculum is a part of the Elite Network of Bavaria.

Courses are taught in English. Application deadline: July 15

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Sport and Exercise Science

The degree program links the classic subject of sports sciences with current societal problems and innovations in health sciences. Some topical examples are robots in training, fitness for older individuals and corruption in top-level sports. Technology and business sciences are integrated in the treatment of these topics. The students learn to use scientific advances to solve challenges at sports institutions, companies, in politics and administration or health insurances. 

Courses are taught in English. Application deadline: May 31

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