• 06/27/2017

Queer-Representative Max Nitze:

TUM at Christopher Street Day

In many large cities, Christopher Street Day is celebrated with huge parades and peaceful demonstrations against the discrimination and exclusion of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender persons. In Munich, there will be a huge parade through the city center as well – and more than 100 groups will be taking part. This year, there will be a wagon with TUM-students for the first time. Max Nitze, the TUM’s Queer-Representative, explains why it is so important to take part.

“Excellenz ist bunt”: Queer-Representative Max Nitze is organizing a wagon for TUM students to take part in the Munich CSD. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)
“Excellenz ist bunt”: Queer-Representative Max Nitze is organizing a wagon for TUM students to take part in the Munich CSD. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)

TUMstudinews: Max, what are your plans for the CSD?

Max Nitze: The TUM’s “Queer-Referat” is planning to take part in the Christopher Street Day parade on July 15 in Munich – and we managed to organize our own wagon, with enough room for about 30 people. We would like to adorn the car with banners and foil, so that everybody can help to paint it with spray cans or felt pens.

Who can join in?

Anyone who wants to is welcome to join in. The wagon itself is reserved for TUM students or employees, but anyone else who would like to represent TUM at the CSD is welcome to walk in front or behind the wagon.

Where does one register?

You can register on our homepage. There, you can also order our T-shirts that we are having printed for the CSD especially.

Are there still free capacities?

Yes, there are – and we are still looking for helpers who would like to help us set everything up and to disassemble it all again, and we need people to walk next to our car with ropes to make sure that the spectators won’t get hurt. There will be a free T-shirt for every helper. Anyone who would like to help can contact me personally. At this point, I would like to thank everyone who approached me and offered help. That’s really cool – great support!

What message are you trying to get across by taking part?

We are trying to draw attention to the aspect of “being queer”. At TUM, there are already quite a lot of diversity projects, but not in the way of LGBT matters. We want to show the employees and students that TUM now has Queer-Representatives, a “Queer-Referat” that takes a stand for the queer community.

(Interview: Sabrina Czechofsky)

Max Nitze (24), is from Berlin, where he also completed an apprenticeship before he moved to Munich two years ago. He is a student of TUM-BWL in his fourth semester, and he is showing commitment as the Queer-Representative of the TUM’s AStA.


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