• 1/24/2018

Almost 80,0000 fans on social media platform Facebook

TUM the most popular German university in social media

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the most popular German university on Facebook, according to a current survey by the statistics portal Statista. Almost 80,000 users currently follow the daily posts, videos and photos covering university life, research and teaching. TUM was quick to recognize the potential of social media for interaction with students and with the public, as well as for international branding. The university set up its Facebook channel as early as 2010. TUM was the first German university to concentrate its online communications in a public relations department formed for the purpose.

Students at the Freshman Reception 2017 (Picture: Wolfgang A. Herrmann)
Snapshots like this one from the Freshman Reception 2017 provide the followers of the TUM Facebook channel with impressions of campus life. (Picture: Wolfgang A. Herrmann / TUM)

"Social media make it possible to contact our students and at the same time to communicate our university's leading-edge research activities to the public. This is why we took action as early as possible, and I'm glad that in the meantime so many people around the world are expressing their attachment to TUM," comments university President Wolfgang A. Herrmann. At present over half of the university's Facebook fans are from countries outside of Germany, most of them from India (approximately 3,800), followed by Egypt (2,600), Pakistan (2,300) and the USA (2,000).

TUM also enjoys great popularity on other social media platforms. The university presently has 21,000 followers on Twitter, another record among German universities. The TUM YouTube channel has already gained almost 5,000 subscribers, and the videos posted to the channel have received a total of 750,000 views. And over 5,500 fans have already been registered on Instagram since June 2017. In total, these figures make TUM the most popular German university in social media.

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