• 2/1/2018


Working together online

Surely, you already know <link https://syncandshare.lrz.de>Sync+Share</link>, which can be described as a the Leibniz Computer Center’s adaption of “Dropbox”. With 50GB of storage, this service allows you to store data safely, to share it with other students, family, and friends, and to sync it across all your devices.

Store 50 GB of data safely with Sync+Share. (Photo: Uli Benz)
Store 50 GB of data safely with Sync+Share. (Photo: Uli Benz)

But Sync+Share has even more to offer:

  • You can edit WORD and EXCEL documents online, directly, without having to download and upload them again.
  • You can on a WORD or EXCEL document together with others – simultaneously.

This is how it works

Open Syny+Share in your browser and click on the respective document in the directory overview. It will then be opened in the open source software ONLYOFFICE, where you can edit it. If multiple users are working on a document at the same time, all users can see who is currently writing the text – and the document is saved automatically.


Collaborative editing only works if all participants edit the document online with ONLYOFFICE. If a participant opens the document offline (in his/her local Word program), the changes made online will be overwritten.

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