• 5/4/2018

App, film, website – fresh insights into the world of TUM

Multimedia tours for TUM's anniversary

To mark its 150th birthday, TUM is offering entertaining glimpses into the exciting world of science – including mobile multimedia content: The "TUM interactive" app explores research through simulations and games. The new film portrait of TUM shows how the scientists tackle the challenges facing modern society every day. The anniversary website tells the stories behind major inventions and discoveries. And the TUM online shop features special items created for TUM's birthday parties.

A Woman with the TUM app on a tablet computer
The fluid dynamics simulation in the app can be influenced by touch gestures. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)

TUM interactive

A virtual wind tunnel, a code breaking puzzle, simulated epidemics and a flight through the universe – these are just a few highlights of the app "TUM interactive". The 28 entertaining and educational animations, simulations, quizzes and games offer hands-on encounters with research. Complementing the interactive tour are informative texts on TUM's departments.

The app is available in iOS, Android and web versions. It was developed by Prof. Jürgen Richter-Gebert and Aaron Montag at the Chair for Geometry and Visualization.

Films and TV features

What future challenges are keeping today's researchers busy? What motivates them? What factors are crucial to their success? The new film "Technical University of Munich – 150 Years Culture of Excellence" offers inspiring insights into the "entrepreneurial university".

TUM's YouTube channel features a playlist with many other anniversary-themed videos and TV features.

Website www.150.tum.de

How did Robert Huber succeed in decoding photosynthesis? Which young woman established plastic surgery as an independent discipline?  Where was the world's fastest computer located in 1956? The anniversary website tells these and many other stories from TUM's 150-year history. It also lists all key dates and events in the anniversary year, and offers users the opportunity to send their own personal birthday greetings.

Anniversary items and souvenirs

Taking a stroll in Munich's English Garden with King Ludwig II of Bavaria, or a shopping trip by Hyperloop – the TUM Shop makes it possible. T-shirts and cotton tote bags are just a small sample of the anniversary products on offer. TUM fans can also buy balloons and special anniversary mugs for birthday parties.

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