• 11/2/2018

"Chemie Diamant" award of the Bavarian city of Burghausen goes to TUM visiting professor

Burghausen Chemistry Award for Angela Casini

In recognition of her outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of Bioorganic, Organometallic and Medicinal Chemistry, the Bavarian city of Burghausen has presented the Burghausen Chemistry Award to Prof. Angela Casini (Cardiff/GB). She is Hans Fischer Senior Fellow at the Technical University of Munich's (TUM) Institute for Advanced Study. The award, also referred to as the "Chemie Diamant" ("Chemistry Diamond") is endowed with a €20,000 prize.

[Translate to en:] Preisträgerin Prof. Angela Casini mit Hans Steindl, Bürgermeister der Stadt Burghausen und Ehrensenator der TUM (links), und TUM-Präsident Wolfgang A. Herrmann. (Bild: Anton Mack)
Award winner Angela Casini with Hans Steindl, mayor of Burghausen and honorary senator of TUM (left), and TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann. (Image: Anton Mack)

Enjoying high international renown, Angela Casini conducts research on the biological effects of metal-based medications. Current research is focused on organo-gold-based therapeutics as well as application options for metal-based compounds in chemical biology, drug delivery, cancer therapy and physiology.

Her work in the IAS Focus Group "Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry" is centered on the structural characterization of new organometallic complex compounds and supramolecular complexes as well as their biological modes of action in combination with biophysical, analytical, pharmaceutical and computer-based methods.

"The interdisciplinary approach so strongly characteristic of Angela Casini has brought chemical research into medical research and has activated previously overlooked potential for interaction," said TUM President Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann in his congratulatory address at the TUM Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach. "The honor of having been named one of the 'worldwide most influential scientific minds in Pharmacology' shows the high relevance and significance of the active pharmaceutical ingredients objectives of tomorrow so woefully underrepresented in Germany."

Commitment to chemistry as a science and an industry

The Burghausen Chemistry Award is presented by the Bavarian city for extraordinary results in the fields of education, research and teaching in chemistry, in order to underline the central economic significance of the chemical industry in the southeast Bavarian chemical triangle region.

"With her scientific education in Florence, as well as in Pisa, Lausanne and Groningen, and now working in Cardiff in Britain and on the TUM Garching research campus, Angela Casini exemplifies the international nature of the 'Burghausen Chemistry Awards'," says Hans Steindl, mayor of the city of Burghausen and Honorary Senator of TUM. In his address he struck a cautionary tone in connection with the partnership between science and business so essential to an internationally competitive country. President Herrmann added that "a visionary economic policy has to be industry-friendly in order to keep our industries, which are essential to our high performance, from wandering abroad."


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