• 5/17/2019

Dragon Boat Race 2019

"Master of the Olympic Lake"

The TUM's Dragon Boat Race on the Olympic Lake will take place again soon – for the 10th time. Students and professors of the two major universities in Munich will be measuring their strength in paddling on July 12, 2019.

Dragon Boat at race
Being there is everything on July 12, 2019 at the Dragon Boat Race on the Olympic Lake in Munich. (Picture: Michael Stobrawe)

Up to 28 teams will be taking part – not only competing in terms of athletic performance, but also with regard to creative names, costumes, and performances.

It all started off as a weird idea to promote the Alumni Club of the TUM Faculty of Medicine. In 2010, a total of 19 teams followed the call – sporting witty boat names such as "Boottox" (Dermatology), colorful costumes (the "South Seas" team of the Faculty of Medicine TUM-U-LU), and even a fire show (ProLehre).

Each team consists of 16 paddlers and a drummer. The boats and the experienced helmsmen are provided by the organizers. The paddling itself is easy and requires no training. However, sports-oriented crews can take advance training sessions at the Olympic regatta course in Oberschleißheim.

Prizes for speed and for originality

The winners will be honored with a cup and the honorary title "Master of the Olympic Lake", and there are prizes for the most original boats. Before, however, the teams will compete on a 250 meter course in front of a fantastic Olympic backdrop. The fastest teams need less than 1:20 minutes.

The distance is measured by our experts in surveying (Vermessungskunde), while the faculty of Sports Medicine is responsible for the timekeeping. The Klinikum rechts der Isar will provide an emergency doctor, and the finish is firmly in the hands of TUM as well: TUM alumnus Harald Paulus will start the fireworks.
All teams will start twice, and the better of the two results will be compared to determine who will take part in the semi-finals. Kids can board the children's boat in order to compete against the adults in two races.

Highlight: TUM against the LMU

There will be two highlights alongside the main event: the afternoon starts with the race of the student boats of TUM against the LMU, and the professors of the two universities will compete against each other before the finals. The event will be celebrated by everyone at the Theatron, true to the Olympic motto "It's the taking part that counts".

You can register for the Dragon Boat Race 2019 via www.tu-drachenboot.de

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