• 9/16/2019
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The Golden Ring of Honor for patrons in politics, media and science

TUM recognizes outstanding individuals

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has recognized important patrons and scientists for their achievements. Among others, TUM awarded The Golden Ring of Honor to publisher Dr. Hermann Balle, politician Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch and fundraising coordinator Prof. Arnulf Melzer. At the end of his term in office, TUM President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann received the Dr. Karl Wamsler Innovation Award, presented by the company Clariant together with TUM, for his lifetime achievements.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of the TUM, (r.) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann, designated President of the TUM, (r.) award the Golden Ring of Honour of the TUM to Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, Prof. Arnulf Melzer and Dr. Hermann Balle (l.t.r.). Andreas Heddergott / TUM
TUM President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann (left) and Prof. Thomas Hofmann, designated President of TUM, (right) present the Golden Ring of Honor to Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, Prof. Arnulf Melzer and Dr. Hermann Balle (from the left).

TUM presented the medals and prizes at a ceremony held over the weekend in Berchtesgaden.

Golden Ring of Honor

Dr. Hermann Balle
The proprietor and former managing director of the media group Straubinger Tagblatt / Landshuter Zeitung is not only considered one of Bavaria's most successful publishers and media entrepreneurs, he is also considered an outstanding and visionary patron of the sciences in the State of Bavaria. Since the 1990s Balle has worked to help develop Straubing as a center of scientific activity. In honor of his many years of effort towards the founding and construction of the TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability he was awarded the TUM Golden Ring of Honor.

State Minister (Ret.) Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch
As Bavarian State Minister for Science, Research and the Arts, from 2008 until 2013 Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch brought a formative liberal spirit to scientific policy. He transferred the right to appoint professors to the universities, thus making the speed and quality of the appointment procedure competitive in international contexts. He supported important future-oriented fields including aerospace and aviation as well as digitalization. For these achievements TUM awarded the current Vice President of the Bavarian State Parliament the Golden Ring of Honor.

Prof. Dr. Arnulf Melzer
Agricultural scientist and biologist Prof. Arnulf Melzer was early to study the consequences of climate change on aquatic systems and build the Iffeldorf Limnological Station. He served as Vice President of TUM from 1997 until 2003 and has been the Delegate Officer of the President for Fundraising since 2004. Melzer, an Emeritus of Excellence, played an essential role in making TUM the most successful German university in terms of fundraising, enabling ground-breaking new projects and targeted development of young talented individuals. His outstanding accomplishments were recognized with the TUM Golden Ring of Honor.

Dr. Karl Wamsler Innovation Award

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann received the Dr. Karl Wamsler Innovation Award in honor of his outstanding lifetime achievements both as a scientist and as a visionary, role model and catalyst for university education in his role as President. For many years Herrmann has internationally been among the most frequently cited German chemists. His specialty areas are organometallic chemistry and catalysis. During his 24 years as President, Herrmann has carried out far-reaching reforms at TUM and led the university to become an international top-level institution. Herrmann's impact also goes well beyond his own university. In October Herrmann, currently the longest-serving President of a German university, will turn over the Presidency to Prof. Thomas Hofmann.
TUM and the Swiss specialty chemical corporation Clariant have presented the Dr. Karl Wamsler Innovation Award since 2017, commemorating one of the most important influencers in the field of chemistry in the history of post-war Germany.

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Medal

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Schwaiger
Since 2016 Prof. Markus Schwaiger has been the Medical Director of the university hospital TUM Klinikum rechts der Isar, where he was Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic of Nuclear Medicine from 1993 until 2017. His research focus is on multimodal imaging to visualize and quantify biological processes. He provided the impetus for the founding of the interdisciplinary Center for Translational Cancer Research (TranslaTUM). In honor of this initiative and of his internationally renowned research activities, TUM has now awarded him the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Medal. The award for scientific excellence is named after the pioneer of German neutron physics.

Honorary Doctorates (Dr. Ing. e.h.)

Prof. Dr. agr. Ludwig Narziß
From 1964 to 1992 Prof. Ludwig Narziß was a formative presence in one of TUM's most traditional research fields as a professor on what is today the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology and as Director of the Weihenstephan Research Brewery. TUM has awarded him an honorary doctoral degree in recognition of his outstanding and pioneering scientific achievements, which set international research standards in the area of brewing and beverage technologies, and for his leading-edge text books and monographs on brewing technologies.

Dr.-Ing. Dieter H. Soltmann
For many years TUM alumnus Dr. Dieter H. Soltmann helped shape the development of his alma mater in the University Council and on the Board of Trustees. As a general partner he was head of Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu KGaA from 1976 to 2000. TUM has awarded him an honorary doctoral degree for his outstanding technical innovations in brewing and beverage technologies, where as a leadership figure he was a major force for progress in education and research for decades.

Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal

Dr. phil. Martin Pabst
The historian Dr. Martin Pabst has researched large portions of TUM's history and has published his work in a number of books. He has been awarded the Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal for his professional work on the source-based historiography of TUM and his book projects, which have made a central contribution to the internal and external portrayal of the university. The Karl Max von Bauernfeind Medal is awarded to individuals who have displayed outstanding dedication to the university.

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