• 6/26/2020

Former biathlete Laura Dahlmeier

From the slopes to the lecture hall

Laura Dahlmeier enrolled at TUM in autumn of last year, and her rifle and skis are currently not in use. The former world-class biathlete is a student of Sports Science in her second semester – and, like everyone else, she can only study digitally at the moment.

Laura Dahlmeier on a mountain top privat
The athletic career of top biathlete Laura Dahlmeier was very successful. Now, she is a student at TUM.

Laura, you are now in your second semester of your Sports Science studies at the Technical University of Munich. How are you enjoying your studies so far?

Laura Dahlmeier: The studies are really exciting, versatile and varied. As always, I am glad that I started it. I would have never thought that sports science covers so many areas. In the first semester in particular, the focus was naturally on sport in the broadest sense, but the content was extremely wide-ranging. There were plenty of modules and subjects that I didn't even have on my radar.

Why did you decide to study sports science?

I really enjoy sports! I like to be outdoors; I like to move around, and I also enjoy sports and training. So, in this respect, it was quite natural to study sports science.

…and who could have more practical experience than you?

Another reason was that studying at the TUM is relatively theoretical and highly diversified. It was important to me not only to learn the practical aspects of all sports, but above all, to understand the background information behind them. Because, naturally, I'm interested in what's behind sports science.

Is there an area in which you are particularly interested that you would like to work in later professionally?

Certainly, the subject of training is an area that interests me very much. But I do not want to commit myself to the question of whether I would like to work in the training area later in my career at the moment. Above all, it was important for me to approach my studies neutrally without bias and to keep my eyes and ears open. I want to explore all the subjects in peace and quiet rather than concentrating on just one area from the outset.

Laura Dahlmeier Ernst Wukits
Ex-biathlete Laura Dahlmeier does not yet want to commit herself to only one aspect of her course of studies at TUM.

In these times marked by the coronavirus, the current state of your studies is also somewhat different than usual - how are you dealing with the current situation?

In principle, I am an extremely optimistic person. This is a great advantage for me, especially in this situation. From the very beginning I was not afraid of getting sick. However, of course, it is frightening what is happening to our world right now. The restrictions for the entire population are already immense and the situation is also a huge challenge for the economy.

Life has changed for everyone, hasn't it?

You have to try to organise and structure your everyday life in the best possible way and remain flexible. But, naturally, it requires a bit of rethinking.

How are you coping with digital teaching in the summer semester so far?

I am incredibly happy that I am already in my second semester now. Completing the first semester online is not necessarily how one imagines studying. Currently, digital teaching is working quite well, and there are some lecturers who are really good at it.

From your point of view, what could be improved?

Of course, it would be nice if certain topics could also be taught in the classroom. However, I also understand that the larger lectures with 250 to 500 people cannot be held in the lecture hall. Nevertheless, at least for the small modules, where we are divided into groups, it would be desirable to have two or three teaching units on site by the end of the semester.

(Interview: Romy Schwaiger)

Laura Dahlmeier (26) is a former German biathlete who was part of the world elite during her active time. She won seven gold medals, three silver medals, and five bronze medals at World Championships – plus 20 World Cup races and the overall World Cup in the season of 2016/17. She is from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. More information: Official website Laura Dahlmeier

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