• 11/2/2020

Digital awareness week in November

TUM4Mind – Take Care of Your Mental Health

At the beginning of the winter semester, you are certainly wondering what it has in store for you.. Right now, it is more important than ever to take care of your mental health – and to be conscious of your personal resources. TUM4Mind can help you with this.

Man watching sun at horizon
Pause to take a deep breath! TUM4Mind helps you to manage your own resources. (Photo: Adobe Stock/photoschmidt)

In addition to curiosity and anticipation, the expectation of the Corona-shaped autumn and winter months may also evoke feelings of uncertainty and concerns about how to master the challenges of the coming "hybrid semester".

Everyday study life and warning signals

During the TUM4Mind digital awareness week from November 23 to 27, 2020, you can get suggestions and information regarding the topic of mental health: from the very practical aspects of scheduling everyday student life to warning signals of mental overload.

Take part in various online relaxation courses, in workshops on topics such as managing stress handling your fears around Corona,    or building up your resilience– as well as in discussion forums, and in a digital campfire.

Find out about various support offers and gather with ideas with other students and professional experts to exchange ideas on the topic of mental health.

Contact:  tum4mind.sszspam prevention@tum.de

For more  information, online program, and registration:

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