• 05/09/2022
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„That’s my Job“ – new Podcast of the TUM Community

Alumni report on their career paths

In "That's my Job", the new career podcast of the TUM Community, graduates of our university talk about their inspiring career paths. Students and other interested people receive tips for starting their careers and learn which concrete steps can lead to their dream job.

Karolina Grabowska /Pexels
In the new podcast "That's my Job" alumni of our university give tips for starting a career.

The first season of the podcast includes four episodes, two each in German and English. In the first English-language episode, alumnus Himanshu Panandikar talks about his experiences starting a career in Germany: 

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German-language episodes: 

  • Episode 1: Salary Negotiation 
  • Episode 3: My First Management Position 

English-language episodes:

  • Episode 2: How to Start a Job in Germany 
  • Episode 4: How to Transfer from Academia to Industry Successfully 

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