• 5/22/2023
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Keynotes and panel discussion in Garching on June 23rd

Bioengineering Day: AI in medical applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in medicine to evaluate image data and assist doctors in making diagnoses. For which applications is AI already being used successfully today? How can risks be limited? Who will take responsibility for decisions based on AI? Experts from science, medicine and industry will discuss these and other questions at the Bioengineering Day on June 23rd at the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) in Garching.

Bioengineering Day 2022 am Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) Astrid Eckert / TUM
Opening of the Bioengineering Day 2022 at the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE).
This year's Bioengineering Day will adress "AI in medical applications" with keynotes and a panel discussion.

On this year's Bioengineering Day, five experts will give keynote speeches on the topic of "AI in medical applications" from a scientific, medical, ethical and entrepreneurial perspective. They will debate current issues in a panel discussion.

  • For which medical applications is AI already being used successfully today? What are the biggest potentials in the medical field in the near and far future?
  • What are the biggest risks of using AI inmedical applications? What can we do to limit the risks?
  • Will the doctor always have the last word or can some decisions be made by AI? And, if yes, who takes responsibility and liability for those decisions?
  • How will AI change clinical workflows?
  • How much will medical device manufacturers shift to AI-product development? And who will develop new engineering solutions?

Keynotes and panel discussion

  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger
    President Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Dr. Nicola Rieke
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Rückert
    Chair of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Makowski
    Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Müller
    Chair of Science and Technology Policy


13:00 Check-In
14:00 Opening
14:15 Keynotes (in English)
15:30 Panel Discussion (in German)
16:40 Start-up Pitches


Register by May 31st to participate.

Date: Friday, June 23rd, 1 pm – 5 pm
Location: Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE), Boltzmannstraße 11, Garching

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The Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) is an Integrative Research Institute within the Technical University of Munich (TUM) that fosters interdisciplinary cooperation and synergies between researchres in the field of Biomedical Engineering. At MIBE, researchers specializing in medicine, the natural sciences, and engineering join forces to develop new methods for preventing, diagnosing or treating diseases. The activities cover the entire development process – from the study of basic scientific principles through to their application in new medical devices, medicines and software.

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