“Faszination Forschung” Magazine no. 27

Gold Therapy

Capturing viruses in tiny DNA capsules, using a gold ion to render even novel viruses harmless, and helping stroke patients to regain the power of speech – our scientists work together in interdisciplinary teams to achieve all this. Also in this issue: A more environmentally friendly alternative to palm oil, new developments in additive manufacturing, and ideas for how the incredible amounts of data generated by satellites can be put to use with artificial intelligence.

Prof. Angela Casini Magdalena Jooss
Her research could help develop new cancer medications: Prof. Angela Casini, head of the Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry research group.


Quarantine for Viruses

Hendrik Dietz developed a radically new technology to fight viruses by capturing them in minute DNA capsules. With hepatitis B viruses provided by TUM virologist Ulrike Protzer he has already been able to demonstrate his concept.

A Clear View into the Data Stream

Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation (AI4EO) is a project involving researchers from nine nations. Their aim is to make optimal use of the incredible amounts of data generated by satellites

Teamwork to Regain the Power of Language

Physician and neurophysiologist Simon Jacob investigatesthe mechanisms behind cognitive brain functions. His team is now embarking on a study aimed at helping stroke patients regain their ability to produce speech.

Gold Therapy

Angela Casini sees considerable potential offered by inorganic chemistry for the pharmaceutical industry. Her research is laying the groundwork for novel therapies and new drug delivery strategies.

Unlimited Freedom in Manufacturing

Katrin Wudy drives the processes for series production with 3D printing. Her research focuses on powder bed fusion of both metals and plastics.

How to Grow Palm Oil in a Bioreactor

Looking for ways to produce an environmentally friendly alternative to palm oil, biotechnologist Mahmoud Masri developed a process to produce oil from yeast cultures.

Shapes, not Colors

Gil Westmeyer visualizes molecular information that imaging techniques have not yet been able to access.

Data Security – Now and in the Future

Antonia Wachter-Zeh develops new encryption techniques able to withstand attacks from even the most powerful quantum computers.

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